Tuesday, September 16, 2014


this damage just was not there yesterday. i parked briefly around 13h today in svetozara miletica street no. 10 (dorcol, belgrade) in front of "trend auto service" (that also repairs french vehicles same as the one i own). and this just immediately caught my eye when i returned and approached the car, i saw some minor new scratches and a freshly detached / stripped off bulbiform door seal (weatherstripping). last time when i parked on the same spot i got fresh scratches and also suspected this car place. i have no proof as far as who did it, but car guys, car mechanics have the right tools to make this sort of damage on the spot. i can only suspect and it is killing me, because somebody is doing the real damage to me and my property - i have been posted in this country as the target. so i have no idea who they are and i lost a very good friend to suspicion because when i got scratches a few months ago i went back to his company complaining that perhaps his workers did it when in fact it happened somewhere else - we got on the surveillance camera and followed action in his company's yard. and, this is the real damage - rain water is going to come in there and make more inside damages to my vehicle. being in this country the way i am - it is gross and debilitating. you have friends, you have enemies you've never heard of but they are doing the damage and destroy my future because i have no means of supporting damages serbs are doing to me and my property. God helps but not enough, it seems serbs are more powerful than God in inflicting damages. i believe those serbs that are destroying my property do not believe in God (there are many communists and anarchists in the post communist country; only add up communist heritage to it too), but even if they go to church and do things like these they and their families will finally end up in Hell; same as the guy who beat the Hell out of me. it is crazy, but i know the good will prevail in the end. i have no idea why God has been testing me with this evilness for years


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