Tuesday, September 23, 2014

f--- you, hatemongers!

last minute, september 23rd, 2014: when at the hearing the american judge charles m. honeyman based in philadelphia - pennsylvania and cherry hill - new jersey, said that, at his personal discretion, he will ruin my family i did not believe him; later i researched and found he was Jewish American.
i thought it was impossible! but recently obama admitted to it by stating we tortured some folks; check out the comment by some pedro lanza on jesse ventura's off the grid show with darling abby martin, shown below, it makes sense now, though i selfishly care about it only as far as i was stripped of all human rights. 
now in serbia, where i was sent either by the help of Yugoslav Army or Yugoslav (Serbian) communists or serbian secret service (now BIA), i cannot even say what my fears were/are! 
number one, i canot live in peace. 
number two, nobody ever apologized to me for the monstrous act of ruining my family and not seeing my child in 12 years in addition to getting forcefully divorced while i lost ability to control any of my assets in the usa. united states of america was supposed to be the country ruled by law; it is a huge lie i can shit on now after i lost the purpose of existence conditioned by their (american and serbian) actions. 

furthermore, in my last post herewith, i promptly apologized for nothing said to nobody only to witness intensified harassment and provocations by the bloody motherfuckers in serbia. they look at me like they were told i am crazy, it was pretty obvious today. namely, in that bloody maxi supermarket on vojvode stepe boulevard #115 in belgrade, the bitch (i carefully pick and choose my words) at the register held the laser scanner pointed straight into my eyes like targeting at me, and while they were okay for several weeks trying to be nice and polite they were obviously told recently to “make my day” and thus turned tables by 360 degress (which means

only one – some master of puppets is pulling serbian strings again). so i witnessed horrible harassment by the employees today, the cashier guy threw some shopping carts from height as i was really close to him to make a large noise and then he was looking at me like a monkey to see what effect and reaction it produced. which really made me think about everything and start writing about serbian and american evil all over again


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