Thursday, August 28, 2014

as if

someone was entering my yahoo mail, kupindo and facebook accounts and reading my emails for the last two weeks that is until today - 9/11 2014. i've just realized how vulnerable i was and that someone was reading my emails and disclosing information out of context to angry serbs, and i had my password on my mobile phone while it was serviced in BG ELektronik. i felt serbian hatred was intensified more recently. too bad for this company, their owner ljuba m. is a great guy, but he always had sobs for workers. i remember albanian guy whose first name was sheriff. at that time i did not realize about hatred among yugoslav nationalities. i was doing a high school practice there and sheriff ordered to me to bring a huge saba television set down to basement utilizing the very narrow and ultra steep set of stairs. he wanted to make other servicemen laugh. halfway down something cracked in my spine, and i still did not let tv down. following that i was never able to lift anything heavy throughout my life without terrific back pains that followed me for days. and let's not talk about hernia. i am not writing here to get my revenge, no, it seems that this company has been the real jinx for me since late 80s.

i left a mobile phone with BG ELEKTRONIK - a samsung service in belgrade so it appears as if the servicemen

there were openly distributing my private communication and data to the rest of this nation so they could bring on more intrigues and take more rights away from me? this is what i feel is going on as serbs are transparent like a book. they are highly readable and what goes around comes around, it comes down straight to me as information.

what i am supposed to do when i do not have any rights here? so i did not expect anything better. you cannot sue in serbia, but they can sue me. after snowden they take for granted that they too can infringe on privacy and distribute private details as they like. i have no doubts this is sponsored by some government agency that deals in "tin foil security against domestic elements" (i feel they all behave like gang-bangers power crazy). they also have nothing better to do and i have been their patsy. Call me patsy – that way I will be sure that you got my point. that's what i've been made of. patsy matter.

But what if I am wrong, what “as if” is just another wave of serbian terror (they've been terrorizing me for quite a while - they've been suckers for it) unsparked by what i think went on. however, samsung is a reputable international company - i do not know why they are allowing it? probably they have not heard.

what's illegal in this country? anything and nothing at all.
nobody's got my back - not even american people - the plume of international freedom and justice!  
suck on this suckers!
get the load of truth here suckers!

still do not know why i cannot walk the streets of belgrade in peace and zlatan stipisic gibonni could? why am i so different from this guy and what did i do to this nation to hate me so much. what did i do to my neighbor vojkan milosevic, politician, so he goes berserk every time he spots me and starts spitting like crazy, behavior quite opposite of what one could see on television.  

NEXT TO EVERYTHING, i am always asking myself who is going to compensate me for everything i've been through during the past 11 years in serbia. i am the public figure in this country the fact that nobody here wants to admit and publicly recognize, but they are okay with messing up my life - their torture almost always occurs under the table when it is hard to catch it and record it - and doing everything they can to mentally and physically destroy me so i get no opportunity in life whatsoever. for the past two years i've been the target for many, inclusive of public transportation bus drivers as when they are passing by, some of them release air brakes and if you are not expecting it, your ears hurt and you lose your hearing ability. this is what happened today, september 14th 2014 as one son of a bitch driving either old yellow longbus line no. 25 or line no. 26, did it around 10 AM while i was exchanging some currency at the currency exchange kiosk on krusevacka street no. 43a  and while i was standing on the street a few meters away from this serbian motherfucker passing by. in normal society they would find the son of a bitch and kick him out on some other reason, while he would not be able to find another employment for at least, i say at least seven years, that is the society where Freemasons dominate and where there is a code of gentlemen in play and eventually serbian terror would then end - the only thing i would not get my compensation retroactively - but what is it worth when your family and hearing ability among other things were ruined and your chance for another family as well -- it was so loud that even some passersby were protesting but the son of a bitch did it exclusively because he saw me. i swear to God on this. i've been nervous and irritated for the entire afternoon, i let my headlights on, and later i could not even unlock car doors because i did not realize i also had a lock opportunity, so far i had utilized the buttons only. and even today while watching usa - serbia basketball game i was quite nervous and irritated about something and then i realize what happened to me today and what the cause was, i realize i am still feeling the pain in my ears which when i am thinking of it - the very pain makes me quite nervous. and i rightfully say fuck you serbia, and whoever listened to you in united states when they were breaking my family apart without due process, both of you need to lose this basketball game cos you are not ready to be humans as yet. your mindsets are set back in the stone age as far as i am concerned with all these motherfuckers on the lose ruining people's lives, that is mine for sure, first and foremost. every day there is something new, it is surely negative and it is being like that since i was - on the request of serbian military - brought here from the united states on march 7th 2003, which is 4209 days or 11 years, 6 months, 7 days excluding the end date. it will never change as the fresh blood is served to them by even my neighbors who are "recognized" public figures in this pseudo barbarian society, vojkan milosevic, i.e.


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