Thursday, June 26, 2014

bloodthirsty nation.

it is a well known fact that i am not allowed to have a shot at finding a partner in life and starting a new family here in serbia. this intelligence = crime was retweeted back to america and the only thing i am not 100% positive is whether this was something that america required on my return or is it a serbian thing, a demand for some form of inhuman punishment which they call a retaliation but i have not done anything to any of them. i myself do not feel as a human being but rather as some form of subhuman creature who can be attacked and humiliated by everyone at anytime. german and british intel agencies know about this too.
ten days cannot pass peacefully for me here, i try not to go out as much, but once i decide to, the bad serbian luck which in fact is my serbian reality strikes mercilessly each time. today as i parked onto the sidewalk next to a maxi store on vojvode stepe boulevard to bag some groceries i've seen this gang, photo enclosed herewith, of three chumps sizing
me up and making noises which is how the serbs identify themselves when they go after me. it is not just bullying or rattlesnake talk, it is the way they are demonstrating their dominance over me. as i exited the vehicle all three of them were turned toward me wondering aggressively about my doings and i snapped a shot just to be on the safe side - however, there is no safe side in serbia - if something happens to me or to my vehicle (more damage was done since my last blog entry.) i felt a bad energy to the point that i went inside the store and watched through the store window if they were anywhere near my car which sparked attention from the store sellers who know me, and they must have thought - what a strange scene! so i snapped a shot only if they kill me, so someone that is not serbian can find who did it. i know it is pointless act, anyway, but just a human instinct of survival. this serbian behavior which happens every time i go out ruins the rest of a day for me, period. i keep thinking about it, about them, are they gangbangers, WHO is pushing them on me, do they have weapons, what are they allowed to do to me, what will happen next, why the world allows this to happen as they know everything which only means the world is allowing serbs to behave as animals. the serbs are not guilty - the world is. they do not prevent and are not trying to inhibit their aggressive and ignorant behavior and by this, the worst. i feel as if the germans, brits and whoever else is in charge of serbian watch are directly, or at-least indirectly, guilty for it. they are ALLOWING this to happen. and so on. i think i nailed my serbian problem hereby. follow on my blog, and see if i will ever be allowed to get married, if i survive, and see if this stuff i am talking about is for is as real as my reality. and my reality is the prison - no walls = belgrade, serbia.
in this country i heard unbelievable things such as obama ordered floods through haarp system and you can only imagine what lies they are creating about me who is not protected as obama while instigating tens of thousands of serbs against me to do me more harm and things that are more than a harm.
meanwhile, the guy who started the spitting thing is on his best behavior which i am suspecting is a calm before the storm. because this guy has got a huge ego and is planning on vengeance. again, i had no thoughts about his daughter and if he wanted to prove the opposite i would just run, because i would not like to be involved with any of them, period. too dangerous.
in serbia, it does not just seem, i will never be allowed to be a normal human being...


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