Friday, July 25, 2014

just imo

i must believe that those that 
had sown the wind of havoc 
in my life (1995)/2002-2014 
have reapen the whirlwind 
                                                                                             in theirs. 
only an animal can ruin man's family. 
i have no doubts that i was framed and 
victimized by the likes of alonzo harris 
which are deeply rooted in the american 
society and justice system. nobody gained 
any advantage by bringing me down; 
just the opposite. 
thence america nevermore.

Cannot blame Serbs for anything. Imagine if you entered cage full of snakes or filled with wild life – lions and bears. It would have been your dire fault. I can only find that my ancestors made a dire mistake of ever coming to live in Serbia, the land where there are no rules and where playing dirty and back-stabbing are the ways of life. Where - and it is my opinion - the flawed education sucks and where there is practically no real education, proper manners and cultural senses. The only equalizer around here is raw power. I often feel as if crucified by the band of jihadists. I admire Christians who are openly and sincerely showing their love for Christ. I feel it is still a no-no in Serbia. Even though, I felt excited when I saw Argentinian team entering the field and every one of them was crossing, I favored Germans. Even though I support the difference between church and state, I wish I was born in some Catholic country where nobody would sanction you for making cross signs. Or some place where everybody would love you. Some place where they would let you live. Where they would not mindlessly harass, ignore and hate, doing everything to prevent one while inhibiting anything and everything that’s different. I do not like Serbia. It is the European equivalent of Taliban in my mind. I wish manners of the West where most gentlemen are freemasons ruled Serbia somehow. I think I would make more friends among the rednecks of America or in some peasant places like Bolivia or Moldavia than here. Serbia is pure evil pure and simple imo. 
cannot illustrate because i am surrounded by problems of all sorts. from jerkoffs beeping car sirens while passing by my residence (these cowards whose minds project me as a pushover would have not done the same there where they would anticipate a brutal reaction) to no family. from laser beams beamed down 24 - 7 into my windows from the highrise (some other buildings involved off and on too; my point: it's not a conspiracy, it's a playbook) where lives the former director of the serbian military counterintelligence - there is a very bright high powerful light going off right now and it is impossible to look at that building at vojvode stepe blvd. # 141 - which is impermissible, sick, and totally unfair to striking fear into potential friends and soulmates. my entire life is a failure and serbia imo is the only problem. i think in the right country i would have been the right man. i think the entire serbian state is rotten to the core and no overhaul will ever fix it. 
this morning 28/07/2014, around 04:30 several of these clowns set up an ambush and sniped me with something high powerful most likely as i was entering my street - sitting in a wait in semilit small car (was it only a decoy? while they were in unlit car) - so my eyes hurt as hell. there was another very suspicious vehicle, skoda fabia with 'securitas company' marks, positioned at vojvode stepe blvd. as i was making this driving round, both in and out, most likely a surveillance to alert executors when i was coming back.
i've been hunted down - july 29th 2014:
today, as i passed slavija square going toward autokomanda square in belgrade, i came across a large black suv with tinted windows coming from the opposite direction (looked like an unmarked government or special operations agency vehicle); codriver was flashing what seemed like a bright red dot - a laser toward me. felt totally unsafe and hunted. it happened so quickly i was unable to put down it's licence plates and am ready to take a polygraph test over it. i am not sure if this was the rogue faction of serbian secret service or someone willing to push the envelope even further in order to steer more commotion throughout my life and more turbulence in my serbian existence. i am sure even though serbs are doing nasty things to me, it does not do them any justice to continue doing it since i am doing what i have to - posting my sincere reactions herewith.


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