Monday, May 12, 2014


what's troubling is that they made near 30 marks all over the vehicle. can you imagine that. not only couple of scratches. it equals to being stabbed multiple times. to me, it is a pure and simple, hate crime.

I was talking to my child I have not seen for over 12 years via Skype couple of days ago, and I was asked ‘Dad do you still have problems with hooligans over your vehicle?’ I said no, do not worry about it.
Today it was a great Serbian Saint holiday, St.Vasilije Ostroski and yes, in Novi Belgrade, in front of Gandijeva high-rise # 101, my car was scratched nearly 30 times with a key or coin, most likely, as the police stated. I intent to leave this writing as a particular legacy for the Serbs when they see my car they “learn” a little bit about themselves, their culture and habits. This is the real cry. How could anyone, for example Edvard Munch, realize what’s the scream like and how could you even scream from the country (Norway) where everything is perfect, hunky dory, peachy, dandy and desirable? I feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany, Serbs have to mark my property with scratches

/here you can clearly see two scratches upper left and there are over 25 more like that/ 
i read the serbian message as follows, well folks, he took a step forward, he bought a nice car but it is not nice anymore, we took him two steps backward again! when i drive by i noticed some of them -  for example standing at the bus stations -  have been already turning their heads away and aside
in disgust.

as in Germany they did with swastika or Star of David - the symbols to let everyone know I am not desirable in the society. Their goal is to stigmatize, so whenever someone sees me or my car they despise with exclamation He deserved it! So my child, when you read this, this is the truth about my Serbian whereabouts following 2003.
Nevertheless, I bought this vehicle from a famous Serbian tv-star Katarina Sismanovic, almost brand new, at any rate without scratches or any marks, and at that time I did not even imagine I was going to have problems with unknown people regarding vandalism. Alas!
This evening I went to complete a purchase, the books I bought from Mr. Danijel Medic who leaves at Gandijeva 101. I stayed inside his entrance for about 15 minutes and as I got out I immediately noticed the scratches and called police that you can see in the following pictures. Policemen were okay guys, let me took the photos when they came
, and they asked if someone knows me in that neighborhood. I was there for the first time! Let us not pretend. Entire Belgrade knows me and they hate my guts, it took them 15 minutes to make 30 scratches. The car requires a new paint job, but I have only basic insurance. When I lived in America, I never had a problem with this sort of vandalism by the unknown men!!! Everytime someone had a problem with me they came straight forward to me, noone did not do anything cowardly, behind the back like Serbs, when no one was watching. This evening, when I first arrived into that neighborhood it was dark and I approached Salvatore Pizza Shop, Gandijeva 101,
where two mafia macho type looking dudes were sitting. I asked them about the entrance. I did not feel pleasant. Now I am scared for having even had to mention these grumpy guys that looked like trouble. Other than that I only saw three suspicious looking kids on bikes as sixth sense told me they knew something more about me and meant trouble. These were the only five individuals I had an eye contact with in that neighborhood tonight, except Mr. Danijel Medic. So for it.
Every time Serbs do something evil to me, it is a mind boggling experience and makes me wonder why! What they want from me? Together with Americans they ruined my family back in 2002. I have not seen my child since because of them. As far as I am concerned such case did not happen in the history of mankind. Is it political? Since the new guys Napredna Stranka Srbije came in power I was brutally beaten several times. I was heckled on numerous occasions, but I am totally apolitical regarding Serbia. Must be a coincidence. Is it Serbian Secret Service trying to harass me for exposing stuff about my case herewith. Are Catholics or Muslims trying to detour the spike of my anger toward Serbians so they sabotage Serbs as some of them are really trying hard to be nice towards me. Having been in the pit for years, I developed an animal instinct, I can smell  haters from a mile away. Honestly, I am fed up with life here but I have nowhere else to go. I was not allowed to have a shot at another family. Serbs are the masters of sabotage. Also masters to downplay any of my complaints.  Imagine what they would to me and my relationship if I had a girlfriend, in comparison to what they are doing to my car.
I feel treated like slave, it is impossible to be and stay normal in this country. There were many worms out of the jar already and many powerful people are adding fuel to the fire trying to spark hatred. As any rich guys, they want more fun and games. It should be exactly known who are they! I am a collateral with the exception that it was planned. I was meant to be collateral from the day one. Et cetera, et cetera...Alleluia. May God be of help to all of us normal people and punish those that destroy other people lives with their actions!

last minute in Serbia, 18th of may 2014: just got another scratch across driver’s side door. parked in front of the “pit stop car wash” at vojvode stepe blvd, belgrade, not thinking that an opened car wash store won’t be deterrent to bloody motherfuckers. when i sat back inside a vehicle i thought whether to ask the car-wash guy if he saw anything, but he caught my glance and kept on looking at me aggressively and strange from a distance and i felt as if i was looking at a lion on a safari trip so i let it go. man, this is "the neighborhood” where i grew up and this is the only place on earth where one thought i would be given a break. for a lot of guys on this world their neighborhood is the safest place, but not for me. hell no. i have not seen or heard that anyone was molested in a way i am. if i had volunteered to help with floods they would lie that i came there to sabotage or steal (the guy - Mr. Milosevic - who started the spitting thing and allegedly conspired with serbian mafia underworld to kill me, he was inquiring about assassins, met me in maxi stores numerous times but he never did the spitting act there, for Goodness sake and crying put loud he might be sane after a;;) . you cannot win in serbia, some of them are blatant idiots. did not bother to call the cops. it is (for) the serbs. they have something against God as far as i am concerned because i believe in God and behave. they do not behave, they are vandalizing my property. someone told them to and i still do not know why - what beef they have with me, do you?!! if you do know what is going on around here, please let me know, and let's sue their ass off. they FORGET THAT I'M A PERSON TOO. it is not even crazy or mindless anymore, i am speechless, but what goes around comes around. 
moreover, have been to club of philately on St. Sava street on the premises of association for deaf and blind persons and feel as if being harassed with laser pointer for a while - while sitting there and breezing through various documents - it's club exchange, my eyes hurt heavily. there was a guy srebrenko who passed by and i could feel he meant trouble....some of them acting very strange, it is another day in serbia. alas!


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