Saturday, March 15, 2014

this is absolutely abnormal.

never had direct, lifelong enemies in my life before United States had created them for me here in Serbia. absolutely, all hatred that I am experiencing locally is directly linked to my time spent in United States. there is absolutely no other explanation. I have no idea what that could be, but on the street where I grew up I have enemies I have not heard of. These are all people that moved in later, there goes the neighborhood. One of them is politician who spat at me for goodness sake; I have no idea what for. United States did not think ruining my family was enough; they continued instigating this half baked people into hating me for reasons unknown. I always thought USA was the land of a law and reason, the one to look up to. now I feel betrayed, I need to pinch myself often to determine if my life here in Serbia is nightmare or reality. It is the reality and it is nightmare as well….

It seems as if serbs received some junk information about me, and the problem is that they are so judgmental, always comparing me to themselves but they always have to be on the top. So if they perceive me as better off, there are problems. That’s where the hatred kicks in. I don’t know what info they were served, but they must look at me as some sort of idiot in order to deny me and despise me. this must have been cooked on the level of either CIA or Serbian secret service. I am sure vlade divac or any other normal guy does not have power to instigate this response from the population as some government agency. there is something that stinks big time in this country. unfortunately, I have to stand up because this situation is against my beliefs on freedom and human rights and nobody is protecting me, they would like to kill me if they could and I am sure they are trying


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