Thursday, March 20, 2014


the worst thing in the world, imo, 
is the american help!!! 
it's worst than suicide or anything else......
i am sure that neighbor who spat at me, vojkan milosevic or his son who was filming gangster movies or their associates would not vandalize my vehicle. if they wanted, they’d put a real bomb underneath my car as is the custom in this country. also, unknown serbian creeps would not dare vandalize car of some other serbs, such as kristijan golubovic. i am writing as today i got two more bruises on my new car….

because, they are poor, petty, miserable and invoking pity these poor serbian souls can take it on me – their usual victim

all allowed to them by the american president george w bush and his administration -  the cause of the problem, plus the worst people in the world i had ever personally encountered. other than bush administration i did not encounter anyone abnormally aggressive in america for over ten years. here in serbia abnormalcy is present on every step, a lot of them are trying to copycat the aggressive style found in the american movies while on the contrary, in america all actors are all normal in their real lives. they are not pretending to be who they are not. like serbs do... they are acting out aggression perhaps out of fear or mental or physical complexes. one of the first lessons i had learnt in united states was do not stare at anyone. here they come at you, they do not only stare, they are not afraid of anything. such as tonight in streetcar, as i was sitting one freak leaned over me too close for comfort forcing himself onto me (faggot or acting out faggot or mental? perhaps a psychopath? older drug addict? washed out blonde hair with empty but mean-blunt facial expression) and as i did not say anything he finally put his hand on the holder behind my back, did he stab me with some needle? i was freaking out inside and finally stood up from the seat. it is madness. this is like walking amongst real life monsters. despite that, the biggest mistake of my life was going to america. not only that country ruined my family but they marked me back on my serbian whereabouts, so i have not had a moment of peace ever since i came back to this effin country of miserable post communist souls called serbia (post communist because people in capitalist countries do not vandalize things out of blue - i never experienced trauma in USA because of that). only communists = anarchists = serbs do not know how hard is to earn something. only the lowest forms of life would allow these insensitive monsters to take a bite of me - talking about THE GREEN LIGHT that came from America - "THE LAND OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE", " " " " " ". sure enough, these faggots in american embassy are protected as polar bears, nobody is going to touch their cars around here as well. even if they do - they have funds to repair them many times over.

my point is if serbs did not have anything against me or were not instigated by the american government, i would be invisible in their eyes, nobody would try to damage my property just because i own it!!!!! alas, they do have something against me and they are showing it off everyday - compliments of george w bush and america. thank you Mr. American President!!!!! i am pretending to be too nice to call these people names herewith, but wishing them back whatever they did to me, it should return to them thrice as much or many times. i am sure they will all have some problems.

i am talking about the property damage - the only reason me being in America, once. there is no other explanation whatsoever. nobody is saying a word. i have to - because serbs are continuing with their mindless aggression endlessly. because nobody, and i mean nobody, can control these poor serbian bastards on the lose, not even their president. i do not even want to describe the mean shit the locals with their tribal level mindset are preparing to me as daily routines, such as beeping horns to push their way through or cutting me in traffic. these are horrendous times and horrible people. making here the obvious connection: serbs - george w bush - america - horrendous evil
poor bastards have no other business but to unnerve me. why do not they try to unnerve kristijan golubovic?! their heads would fly....
the only person who openly threatened to vandalize my vehicle out of pure jealousy works for the (Drzavna Bezbednost) serbian secret service, so i am sure that they are instigating hooligans to come at me further down the line utilizing national and core values, most likely calling me a traitor!!!! i do not blame serbs for that - because they have no brains, they are evil, i blame america for it, because they are the ones that gave them the know how and instructions, without america serbs would not know about me.......
so do you feel like nothing is going to happen to me because i am just standing up for my rights. i think not. by standing up for your rights, you are putting your life on the line because i am sure any state would not tolerate what has been written here, neither would I

last minute march 24th 2014: the same guy that works for serbian secret service called me today pretending to be on his best behavior, almost chirping. despite, he revealed his true colors during conversation stating that he was going to send me back to "mother's cunt" finally asking me if i was ever seen by the psychiatrist. only then i hung up assuming immediately that something terrible is being prepared for me by his comrades from the serbian secret service or the government on account of the good mood he was in. 


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