Tuesday, March 11, 2014

on serbian craziness

terrible, terrible people. That’s exactly why I did not want to buy a car earlier, knowing that it will only cause me problems in the city, because serbs are nothing but jealous. they think only they should get benefits of all sorts, nobody else, so they cannot stand you if you have something they have, they wanna keep you down below, below their LEVEL.

well, I witnessed some drivers are driving recklessly (on purpose or out of hatred? inclusive of public transportation drivers) in order to create trouble on the road, and in my opinion there is no driving culture in this country. i drove near million miles in America although with automatic trans and to brush up on technical aspect since my car has not got a tachometer, i asked several locals about driving stick shift which immediately spread the rumor that i do not know how to drive. serbs were quick to label me. nevertheless, they all gave me different answers, some of them did not make sense, so it led me to believe serbs know jack shit about driving. plus they are very mean – highly malicious group of people. by now, i know all the marks on my car and today i spotted a few more - of the intentional vandalism caused by jealousy sort. today i parked car in my friend’s company yard and stayed there 15 minutes and thereafter i went to nikola kusovac to get some art certificates. all of a sudden, ratko simicevic appeared at artmedia where nikola kusovac works who voiced out his false accusations against me earlier. simicevic is very popular with secret services and the likes, i get sick every time i see him, so when I got back to my vehicle i saw some hate marks and i could not believe that simicevic did it. so i called my friend and told him that perhaps it happened in his company, he said come back, we’ll call police. i did so and we checked the video from the security cameras along with his security guy. nothing was on there, so my friend got very excited and told me i was wrongly accusing him and that we were friends no more. so, what if my life around here was normal and nobody paid attention to me, nobody had the urge to destroy my life and property, everything would have been all right. i would not double check everything, in america i did not have such worries. but again, again and again i do not know what these local mofos want from me, why they are bothering me? that's sort of a situation no human being was ever trained to handle.
in 1999, I went to washington dc to protest against the bombardment of Serbia, nikola nick lonchar the president of American tesla's society was there in the group and he can vouch that I was there too. so, then, I put my American future and the future of my family on the line because of Serbia, and Serbia has been saying thank you in the most and utterly despicable way for the past ten years to me since I came here. what that means? who can approve of their lunatic behavior? perhaps even that protest was the cause of the major problem I had with american authorities when inexplicably my family was destroyed in united states as CIA was video taping the event. i was described as potential terrorist and monitored for six months as such, when everyone knows i would not be able to kill an ant without remorse. i am/was the object of ridicule in the community, how can i be a terrorist? so, what did I do to Serbia to keep punishing me?!!! stress overload finally gave me psoriasis, the uncurable disease and when I say they are crazy for attacking me, crazy here sounds like a compliment. because even the crazy people would not be attacking anyone for no reason whatsoever and forever! no, serbs are not crazy, they are something else. and I still haven’t discovered what are they….
follow up on 13.03.2014: this evening around midnight a jealous serbian secret service agent entered my car without my permission and repeatedly jerked a manual trans stick without pressing the clutch grinding my gears (in round whisking motion as if making egg-nog; there was a loud bang later on in the gear box when i engaged in the gear) while sitting in co-driver's seat, he then turned the cd player on and turned the volume to maximum with metallica's creeping death playing on stereo as if he was trying to blow up my speakers. he then forced himself into an adrenaline rush, jumping up and down on the seat to the beat of music, however, he is over 150 kilos of weight and it did unnerve me as my car is a small car. he also made a suspicious move with his left arm as if he was ripping or reaching for something somewhere underneath the seat, and then i realized he may have inserted the spy bug as when i tried to ask him what he was doing he showed me his empty hand as if he had expected what i was upset about. it is really unnerving when he lets me know about all things i was doing that day, and it is impossible that he had overheard it from somebody. all the time while this show of force was going on, i begged him to step out of my vehicle, but he did not mind, he wanted to unnerve me out of pure jealousy asking intimate questions, how much i paid for it and so on, calling me earlier that day a faggot, homosexual and so on. his coworker on the night shift who waited for him in another vehicle probably sniped me with some powerful laser as my eyes hurt and perhaps he even put something on the frame of the picture i traded with him. were there more of them hidden in park bushes?! so this was a bad judgment call, a bad choice for me to go out at midnight to do business (trade fine art) with serbian secret service agents around their headquarters at karadjordjev park in belgrade. when i touched a frame of that painting, i promptly got instant blisters similar to psoriasis i got recently, so could this be some sort of military grade poison available to serbian secret service? a friend to whom i complained about this event told me that serbian secret service can kill me and come clean as if nothing happened because they killed so many people over the years and nothing has changed up in that department. they are still very powerful, more powerful than the state. as far as me, i would like to know what sort of a deal they have made with american cia as far as i am concerned because i do not feel safe at all, as if i am still alive but it is not to be taken for granted.


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