Thursday, April 03, 2014


Serb. appetite for destruction................................................
serbian dream has finally being accomplished, now they can sit tight, fall back, rest in peace, and enjoy their day in full. how cowardly? somebody damaged my car overnight less than a month since i had bought it. serbian heart just could not take it anymore, they simply had to do it. 
it's easy to spot on "satellites" who did it and when, this entire area is covered by the Program.
i can suspect national security off-duty officers, jealous neighbors, other evil men. to me they are all evil if one was brave enough to come forth and attack me like this, there are thousands capable to hate. i do not blame serbs for this, i just do not know what they want from me. i do not waste my time thinking about any one of them, but it seems i  have been their priority in life for the last ten years!!! how low?!!! indescribable. i blame george w bush and his administration because without any explanation they ended not only my family but the peace of mind.
it is one thing if you do not want someone in your country and let that person alone after breaking up his family, but totally another if you are letting stinking trail drag behind your victim forever, endlessly, just like it is happening to me. stinking trail produced by george w bush's america has never stopped smearing me. this what happened last night is the direct product of that. unsoothed savage beasts keep on destroying my life, my property and my future. there is absolutely no way this was not intentional and not done on purpose. you always blame who ordered it, not the one who executed it....that's about it. and this is only one of the smallest things in comparison to what i have been through in serbia in the last 10 plus years....
perhaps then they will stop calling me that king and i will become somebody or something more realistic.


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