Saturday, April 12, 2014


I believe someone tried to kill me today by swerving his silver VW jetta into my lane of traffic right by the St. Sava Church in Belgrade. His speed was around 85 MPH and I was approaching at around 60 kPH. Distance was 20 feet away when I managed to react swiftly and escape the direct hit. i was scared shitless. If so, at least several people were involved because someone had to tell them I was coming up the Boulevard.

Well, if something happens to me, as a legacy I want the world to know that I suspect the following wanted so:

  1. Serbian secret services and Serbian secret power clans
  2. CIA
  3. George W Bush? and his administration.

When I first came to this country Serbia in 2003 I did not have any enemies. Then during the course of years, someone managed to create them for me. The only thing left was to design this blog and set off my defense.

I believe the following hate mail, that is floating around Serbia, written by jelena macic was meant for me to stir Serbians into more hatred, and not for the women in black as they claim; that, as she saw me crying here over destiny of american basketball coach Jim Valvano who was a great guy btw and that is why some serbs have called me crazy recently dragging their feet as nuts when walking by me, for example. not to mention that this behavior is orchestrated by somebody somewhere in serbia. if they said a sissy boy or pussy, but crazy. hey! if you'd be capable of understanding this, then you'd almost get my situation here)

the following was written by jelena macic and is floating on the serbian net:

Ako ste ruzni, skloni laganju i saosecanju prema svakom ko nije pripadnik vaseg naroda...ako ste spremni da izdate i mrzite sopstvenu zemlju i naciju....ako ste egzibicionista i skloni privlacenju paznje (ne bi li vas neko konacno opalio...)..ako ste blago ometeni u razvoju ...
Budite ZENA U CRNOM...odlicno je placen posao stranom valutom! Prednost imaju ruzni i nedojebani...pol nebitan!

i think the root of a problem lies in Serbian sick tendency to constantly harass or attack me whenever seems possible.

I want someone to wake me up and tell me i have been dreaming this serbian nightmare

wake me up when it is all over when i am wiser and much older

I am ashamed of going through Serbian downtown as they are all staring at me as if healing sickening frustrations over me.

Oh God, i need you right in front of me as a shield. 

I would add to this ominous phonecall i have received today (Wednesday, April 17th 2014 in the evening hours, female caller with various background murmurs) from allegedly the funeral service in Belgrade SUZA (Engl.: Tear) via landline inquiring about the alleged order of a funeral casket with 2 x 3 meter in dimensions. Female caller also stated that the phone number was provided by the "redakcija" (Engl.: editorial board).
And I ask you, who in this country has the logistics and capacity to disturb and distress one individual if it is known, at least
to me, that i do not have enemies in this or any other country that I can name by their first and last names.


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