Thursday, May 29, 2014

international superstardom or how they found a way of killing me

i’ve recently spoken to serbian attorney and according to his interpretation of american law of which i am unsure how accurate it was, i am not entitled to any damages because i was just a collateral post 9/11 and i cannot sue the american state for ruining my family and life altogether. i was studying law and this is all very strange to me. he dead certainly stated they must had suspected that i was a terrorist --- that's right, terrorist --- perhaps following a false flag alarm and since they had no proof the easiest way was to let me down the drain which enabled them to come scot-free not paying any compensations for their cruel and merciless act. following that conversation there was a moment of peace in my life for my sources told me the word came down across serbia not to bother me since i had it hard in america and afterwards. but alas!

fast forward it to yesterday and especially today and that calm evaporated in a cloud of smoke and exclamation marks as serbian merciless terror machine came back into attacking mode full force. i smelled something fishy from the get-go as my phone battery is draining like crazy which means that the serbian secret service is all over me tapping my calls again and someone sprayed some kind of poison powder over my vehicle and it smells like death.

i feel as if some ritual satanic killing is taking place and i am the only victim.

my life in serbia is 100% transparent to all serbs which allows many serbs to perform their personal street justice and vendetta against me. they live like maggots but if there is a chance to feast on ruining someone’s life like mine they are all in there for the treat. it also prevents me from continuing on with my life as normal. my life in serbia is cobwebbed and worn and i would not mind if i was only left alone by the masses. i cannot find a soul mate around here as i got millions of obnoxious paul kerseys after me. the only difference being that my family was ruined and not theirs. and these blowhard motherfuckers behave like i owe them some. for example public transportation drivers gunning their engines full throttle when they are driving by (my windows rolled down) only to display off animosity and put a pressure on my ears while ear wax is coming out of them as my organism is trying to defend itself. in addition, it is a summer time and i like walking downtown but there is no way that i can walk without being disturbed by many arrogant serbs who won’t only pay attention to me but shall do the most unimaginable and unintelligible things only to unnerve me. and it is tons of them out there (one cannot believe how many) and i feel as if they want to relieve their personal stress and problems and even anger against God-knows-what by behaving detestably towards me. there is no way that this situation can be inhibited. because what’s evil in people is more powerful than any government or ANY organization out there. if the communists/anarholiberals (money running the country) say please do not attack this guy, than the radicals, religious fanatics and democrats will do it on purpose, and vice versa. a small guy cannot win in this crazy stalemate situation whereby the only thing coming for sure is that the government,crazy people,and incurred enemies (e.g. Mr.Voj.Milosevic, same street, his relatives and associates; etc, etc.) will look for alternative ways to eliminate me from life as i feel they are doing it right now. .gov: only because they are powerless and i have become a liability for serbia, or vice versa. this puts additional stress up onto my body and mind. i am in constant fear of dying or death. in the same fashion united states of america eliminated me from their society, but serbia on the contrary cannot send me back to united states. i feel as if in the paws of the real beast.i am talking peril.when i see people that are running the show from behind the curtains as i can recognize them in belgrade it all becomes crystal clear to me. too idle and too incompetent for anything. that is why you make them leave, every time you vote, the incumbent needs to go. now i am not even sure that novak djokovic is 100% saint around here only because of him being a bit naïve and unable to see it coming (living in the neverland and untouched by the first-hand experience of evil). i am not sure who is the true authority around that i could bow down to, unsure even with whom to hang out with, it’s all like b-listers around me and i was supposed to be some kind of a leader. well, at least i felt like one, until they orchestrated the entire state against me which made me autistic (due to isolation; stress related) i can feel that while never was like that before. never had trouble around people but here. if you know how, please set my rain down on fire

ps i feel as if hunting season is open as George W once claimed. 

update on 3 June 2014: it's crazy time again. serbs cannot leave me alone for three days in a row.
today a black bmw vehicle cut me off intentionally and out of blue with intention of hitting me, i suspect a government vehicle with couple of more wanna be close calls whereby i suspect all government vehicles or some private serbian contractor perhaps hired by some foreign entity to do the hit. perhaps even democratic party of serbia as they want to return in power and thus by pressuring make me write, critique and blame government. it is all mixed up, a lot of mixed feelings, emotions and messages even here. public transportation drivers kept gunning down their engines while passing by.
also, parked in front of tepih servis (carpet cleaning service) near maxi at vojvode stepe blvd.
and got couple of more scratches. possibly from people working there, i got no clue who could that be in a
several minutes unless stalking.



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