Wednesday, January 29, 2014


one of them will soon 
do what they all want 
just like gavrilo princip 
everything that happened in communist serbia – for example, terror at goli otok prisoners’ camp, unheard of in civilized world - and now in postcommunist Serbia mostly run by the children of communist revolutionaries - was approved of by USA. in general, people are advised to continue harassing me under the radar even though i am sure there are some foreigners that inquire what’s up with this blog?! most likely they are told i have been crazy and paranoid. they cannot find anything else, for the time being. i still have not started robbing serbian banks. while some secret service agents i know – names not revealed – are openly trying to involve me into drug dealing asking straightforward questions in that regard. in addition, for example, tonight on karadjordjeva bus/streetcar stop i was pointed finger at as one lady was telling another “look that’s that crazy guy overthere!” then the other replied “is that really him?” and the latter confirmed “yes that’s him”. perhaps it is better to be labeled that way. maybe just a few of them will be attacking the crazy guy.  then several serbs spat at me which – the spatting – was initiated by my neighbor serbian politician vojkan milosevic several months ago after he had wrongly – it’s my wild guess only – thought that i was into his daughter. some servile neighbors because they think they need to kiss ass to the great politician are also harassing me in the most unusual ways. several days ago i went to see my friend in hotel moscow, downtown belgrade, and once i tasted the water they brought i was sure they mishandled the glass and probably the drink. i have since had diarrhea, stomach pains and today blood in my stool. that water tasted like sulphur and toilet bowl combined – i immediately got herpes which did not go away as yet. i can count on foulplay everywhere. If you have heard or know what they want from me please send a note – i’d want to know what my serb tormentors want from me.


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