Saturday, February 22, 2014

instant serbian heroes

In order to criticize his own people one must be 
Prophet Jeremiah, Nietzsche or Shaw, 
while to criticize others, one could be a simple primitive.
I have got a house here that grandpa built and my ancestors were like ten times better off in comparison to me. Here is the clue: without the problems I have described I wondered where would I be. I cannot recall any similar example in modern history of mankind where someone was targeted and exposed to targeting in civilized environment whereby almost anyone could spit at you.
didn’t write sooner cos i figured writing brings more hate, more problems….it stinks man; i almost feel like a human prostitute around here, around this fucking city. i feel their spit and slime and by doing that to me - they think they are immediately raised to the ranks of Serbian heroes. the spitting thing was all started by that bloody Montenegrin neighbour (shall write about Montenegrin conspiracy later). another neighbor mr. popovic rented a room to a female student that goes berserk on the street whenever she approaches me. i am truly afraid of that young person acting crazy and by those who told her stuff about me (stirring job) and there are tens of hundreds more of these people that are dying to upset me in the same fashion in serbia. jerks can act crazy and make all kinds of noises but they cannot spit and pollute my drinks as they do. 

i would forgive united states of america for letting american serbs and serbs from the local/domestic - serbian secret services ruin my family (had happened 12 years ago with irreversible consequence) if they somehow managed to secure additional twenty years of normal life for me in serbia.   
this would be THE DEAL.
even though, i lost much thanks being to the united states of america and serbia, i would be okay just to live normal undisturbed life but it is hard to secure even that to me.
as a free man, i want to reinstate my life and dignity
then there is an abominable horror and unexplainable hate on the part of montenegrin and serbian art world mafia. 

otherwise, i am not returning to america, not even in twenty years, it means i am not forgiving. i will stay with these fucking motherfuckers absorbing their hatred, spit and slime. God will pay everything back, there is the universal justice, and i am sure all those connected to ruining my life - felt it somehow, and it is not going to end soon. on my part, i have not ruined anyone’s life, i hopefully won't and i am truly happy about it. it's better being alive victim than doomed predator, anyhow. i feel God will chase them to the bitter end with unstoppable force.

also i am hoping that united states will stop being cowards and finally reveal what happened to me so i could proudly look at this beastly aggressive serbian masses, as i am their victim and scapegoat.
they messed up the God's plan, the logic and reason of the Universe. serbs are so disunited that i am sure one Navy Seal platoon with aging marchinko can conquer the entire country. that is the only way one can explain strange things happening to me in the past twelve years. does anyone have drive to manage this nation and tell them enough has been enough a long time ago. so if i cannot live a normal life in serbia, cut the light and power out this land completely so noone can have normalcy around here as well. and by this i mean skull and the bones, skull and the bones, skull and the bones, in command. i can lay my head on the chump as st. John did; there an't one person who can manage and police the wild ones of serbia. which means, i am doomed to what the united states and serbia prescribed for me 12 years ago when they opened up a can of worms on me, which implies never a peace of mind, never a moment of normal, happy family life, never a moment of truth, never a moment of God's blessing. Will God tolerate this forever?
then i also think whatever the hell happens to them, they deserved it. they have been presenting themselves as mortal enemies for the past 12 years or so.


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