Wednesday, February 26, 2014

in comparison to this part of world, trailer park seems like buddies

saved like zombie to buy a nice car and got lucky to buy what I wanted from a famous local tv star and watched like an eagle to remember every single mark and blemish on it...alas

after just four days there is a proof on it how much my serb countrymen are ignorant with respect to me. they would ruin me if they could completely. they are purely mean and completely – choose your wording here without exemption

there are several dings and scratches on it already, the thing that would not happen even if I left it in the center of Zagreb, Croatia with Serbian flag flying on it. I am sure this country is one of the worst places in the world at the moment.

these are the most jealous people on the planet. it’s a God’s punishment to be born around here 

last minute info, february 27th 2014: during my lifetime spent in USA, i've never - never experienced open hatred from anyone!!!!!!!! for more than ten years no black or white american has ever shown a personal hatred towards me (like for instance that  public figure i had written about that happens to be my neighbor in belgrade who initiated the serbs to spit at me) ....there were problems of different sort but never had a situation where i would enter my street and some 20 year old walking by would look at me with such unseen hatred, disrespect, and evil eyes, almost coming into my face for no apparent reason at all but to humiliate me - just like it has happened this evening in serbia. i cannot criticize secret services here, those who produced this situation whereby my family was destroyed while i was still in the united states. serbs  know they owe me a lot - so they are trying to kill me by pushing all these hordes of young serbian maniacs and psychopaths against me. that's the easiest way to get rid of somebody. 
it's hard to forgive those i deemed to be friends for letting this happen to me. i feel almost as if they conspired with this serbian cold-blooded machine that separated me from my happy family back in 2002. even though my situation is terrible here in serbia, i have no intentions of running back to united states. i wish if russia persuaded serbia by sending a group of instructors that would teach serbs how to behave as civilized men. i mean russia, if united states cannot do so. i fear being outside as i had never feared in my life before. i feel totally unsafe, i am disgusted with this monstruous, irrational mass of people, their unjustified hatred, animosity and a lot of other inhuman things they sport. someone has to bring this country to some norms and i am the right measure to vouch if anyone had succeeded in doing so. i got to this country in 2003, and for several years i did not feel anything specially unusual; however, this forced and artificially produced hatred (by the Serbian government) has picked up in recent years for reasons unknown to me!


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