Friday, January 10, 2014


last minute!!!! FUCK YOU MAXI DELHAIZE, GO TO HELL MAXI DELHAIZE last minute!!!! update

I wanted to be a nice guy writing couple of jokes regarding this company during 2013 but it came to the point where today - January 11, 2014 - I stood in the checkout line at their Vojvode Stepe Blvd store around 19 hrs and I could have felt this guy (Mr Dusan Saveljic, security officer there) breathing down my neck, staring at me like a mad person with an evil smile. He looked like he was going to jump me at any moment brandishing his pen making all sort of noises with it while not even trying to hide his security officer's id tag as if challenging me: hey, here this is me, try complaining about me sucker and i'll show you what comes next! I do not know what I was charged nor how much money I gave while all the time I was looking at him over my shoulder expecting the worst.There are other people in that convenient store like a certain guy Aleksandar with funny beard that you can just feel they secretly hate you - this guy looks like I could expect anything from him too - but he never openly stood in my way with such amount of hatred and disrespect so i could not think to write about him. but tonight it was completely different and ultimately crazy, a fucking belgian supermarket store that makes the lifelong enemies for you since this fucking guy and his pack will be after me following this i am sure. belgian. i cannot believe it. found on internet someone where posted it could be another hell on earth - read here

is this Serbian European Belgian company employing hooligans without even showing them what they are supposed to do? nevermind, this is Serbia, murderers heaven. It is a devil's playground, management is probably not much smarter than this poor security officer soul, but this is Serbia where everything goes. This happened a day after I wrote the text below so I am sure this guy was incited into action by somebody! There is no question about that. I do not know what point to make other than I feel like just being attacked, raped, and provoked all at the same time within five minutes of being in that bloody store, and immediately thereafter entire hour went by as in the state of stupor just thinking what this fucking country, this fucking people want from me. Are they trying to chase me away? Do they know the tradition, it is a bad thing when the cat decides or is forced to leave the house, for that place is destined to disappear? Serbian American actor Vojislav Voyo Govedarica has put it well: Serbs lack respect for the people they do not know! Now they went a step further. They go after them like a pack of rabid, mad dogs!!!

This even sounds crazy to me but on 12th of january 2014 as I was watching popular tv show around 20:50 I came to window to catch some fresh air, and all of a sudden i was blinded by the very powerful bright light from the upper floors (terrace? - from where i am at i can only see several top floors) of the not so close (approx. 3000 feet though) vojvode stepe 116 building (where DM drogerie markt is located). Is secret service in serbia or its renegade force so powerful to know my every move so powerful to disturb my well being utilizing new and advanced technologies?! It’s a pretty scary thing especially if you can feel the consequences.
i do not get out much. it does not take more than a 10 minute walk to the store in the serbian city of Belgrade to realize that I am the target and hereby I confirm these serbs I am running into are the most obnoxious people on the planet. There was even the guy waiting in toyota corolla? camry? (now when my eyes hurt i am sorry i did not put down the licence plates nos.) aiming something at me like a bright laser as I was approaching on my way back and as I walked toward him to investigate I could easily see the real commotion in him (remorse?) as he has just done something bad but kept posture proudly arrogant as if he did something good (patriot for the country?) at the same time. I guess I might be the target of retired old Serbian boys network – the peers of Slobodan Milosevic and General Ratko Mladic - that ruled this country and secret services twenty years ago and in some way they are the rulers from the shadows even now, more powerful than ever (killed Dada Vujasinovic and numerous others, even now these cases are frozen or treated as suicides, purely terrible country; i am now so unnerved as i know the same destiny awaits me; i am now so scared i cannot walk as a normal human being, i am so scared i trip often out of fear and fear only; as i think about it with ever present injustice many million seconds a day; terrorizing fear and injustice that is that will never end; never had a full night's sleep in eleven years waiting for them to come get me, completely frozen on every unusual sound or noise, television is always on; and fear itself won't save me for they are the masters of life and death around here.). This was an example of taking real action against me, while, in general, to me it looks like the general serb population is induced into hatred by some secret service or secret service capable men cause in the past Serbs were notoriously easily duped into anything just like African tribes. the rest of them just hate passively or actively, other than spitting, killing me with their looks and making hostile noises they do not carry out terrorist activities like the serb secret agent i have just described or is it a some-power-structure-approved serb terrorist (utilizing lasers etc), i do not know what word to choose. those seeking asylum can utilize these words as these things are happening to me IN SERBIA FOR NO KNOWN REASON (FOR NO KNOWN REASON THIS IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND) - this is the description of event that happened on 10th of January 2014. I AM TALKING ABOUT AT LEAST SOME SERBIAN SELF STYLED "MAGNUM FORCE" WITHOUT A CLUE WHY AND WHOM THEY ARE TARGETING, AND THEY ARE DAMAGING MY BODY, VITALITY, AND LIFE.  it is impossible to anticipate where these sobs will come out of woodwork next.

I am truly sorry I was born a Serb. In order to belong to someone, one nation, that entity must be worthy of you. Serbia is not worthy of me. They are behaving like they lost their fucking mind. Worst than the freaking pigs. They take action against me and it is not only that I am truly scared but I feel and live with real consequences. In America if you are an American, you get your respect, you get your dignity; your country and guys (they do not behave like pigs and fucking animals)  stand behind you, it is all guaranteed by the Constitution, there are not fucking questions about it. In Serbia, you are sorry you were born just like me. That’s why everyone wants to go to America (except me) and 90% of Serbs dream about leaving Serbia. It is all their fault, it is their mistake they are letting the bad guys run the show around here – I can vouch for it day after day. 

Here, I am only hoping that God intervenes, that’s practically my only chance!!!


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