Friday, January 03, 2014


Today I wanted to cry. Serbia goes on with intimidation tactics as their modus operandi without end in sight. I rarely come out and when I do I witness new harassments, intimidations, various people in black Audis and various other suspicious vehicles surveilling my residence as if they are trying to set up sniper nests or stage an ambush for assassination at one point. Do I come in on time to see what's going on, or is it all staged to show me what's real fear?!

Also, everyone mean is allowed to come at me as they like, for example as I was passing by a Smart vehicle tonight waiting at red light in Vitanovacka street the guy inside purposely sprayed the windshield washing liquid to blind me which is now a traditional provoking trick I spoke about many times.  

I am glad I went to USA only to realize when you are the target, you got to stand your ground. Even though it seems that USA provides an equal opportunity for everyone, one should learn what happened to me there and what is that place really about. 

In the same fashion they are trying to demonize me in Serbia in order to have the basis for their harassment. The only truth is: I did not kill, rape, steal, did not do any crime since I came here – and they are behaving like I am the monster that needs to be shown “the lesson”. It could turn out easily that Serbs were the real monsters to me. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet unlawfully, maliciously and disgracefully they have been preventing my overall progress. These people are purely crazy. There is not any other way to describe them. Whatever happens to them they did deserve it. Period. Thanks God I feel better now - I relieved it off.

After my American nightmare has finally ended I am entirely certain there is no earthly paradise and a never never land to run to. The only difference between Serbia and United States is the level of sophistication. While in USA you deal with inquisition masters in Serbia one feels surrounded by wild barbaric hordes which employ brutal tactics and methods. A regular guy in my place would die of fear, not me. I do not care anymore; I just want to expose the evil ways of these people as they come at me. Bottom line is: if you can live without American egg nog and Serbian bourek find yourself another planet. However, the joke is frivolously out of line here, the things are much, much more serious than that. As someone said, the joke is over smell the smoke from all around.
As a matter of fact, I truly do not know what they want from me - I am not the revolutionary, and I have no intentions of changing anything esp. not the regimes. They apparently got it all wrong. I was the guy that could have brought the real positive change and improvement for I may just be that missing screw they needed. Not now. I won't  try to better them, I would just let them fade.


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