Thursday, December 26, 2013

countrymen from hell

the point of this blog is that i just do not feel safe in serbia. the goal of their secret service and/or some power centers is to maim or kill me. day by day, i am more and more positive about that. thus whatever happens to me i attribute and ascribe to THEM because i do not trust them anything anymore.
there were two places where i was treated as shit in my life: united states and serbia. if they did not like me in united states that is because they are educated to hate foreigners and to be better than the rest of the world. so to them i was a different animal, half-human, not even in the same ballpark. but i cannot understand what they want from me in serbia, it seems they got numerous issues with me and i do not know any of them. all i have got in serbia are enemies, a lot of them. /them, they, the powers that be.../ i get no respect; my life is one nasty serbian hell. i have been here for eleven years now and i have not killed anyone, have not robbed a bank, have not sold any drugs or did any crime and i’ve been feeling like shit among these “fellow citizens”. we are not even on the same level, i do not know what to talk to them and their sense of humor is far different than mine. Look here and judge for yourself if you would like to buddy up with these serb guys:

most of the stuff shown here may be acceptible, but it just should give you the idea of the barbaric nature of these people and what lunacy they can be up to if they turn violent, like they often do when coming at me for practically no real or known reason that i know of!!! 
this is also another show how low they get for no apparent reason, and imagine if you are the target of this kind of serbs!
just imagine, i feel not safe now and i need two more lifetimes to catch up with a serbo-american equal opportunity for everyone - for example, my chances of founding a family in serbia as well as america are equal to nil. feeling like shit equals to being regarded as fourth class citizen by "the comrades" who are also ignorant, naive, jealous, sycophantic and fratricidal, just like me alongside them. being low is as contagious as a disease. all of these are not only the consequences of the communist revolution which does not even matter now - i usually stand up for everyone's right like Vvoltaire

being in serbia as i am right now feels as a sentence, a revenge rather that united states dealt upon me and here are these american puppets – serbs, my tormentors who are destroying my life day after day. there are verbal insults the worst of a kind, and there is a hustling going on inciting rage and calling for more physical attacks on me – “hire someone to beat up his ass really bad or pay a junkie to wait up on him and stab him”, that’s the feedback i get. they already ruined my eye sight with high powered laser beams, my retina is shattered for all i see are floaters. i come from pre communist aristocracy which was destroyed by the reds and my kind is in extinct around here. so i was the game in usa, and game here. i wish nothing but the best to both of these places, just get the fuck off me


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