Tuesday, January 07, 2014


who was this great man? do you remember?!
these are the things that value in life to me:

that's why i transcribed it
how's you day
i am very emotional, passionate man i cannot help it, and that's being the son of rocco and angelina valvano
it just comes with the territory
we hug we kiss we love
when people say to me
how do you get through life or each day is the same thing
to me there are three things we all should do every day 

we do this every day of our lives
number one is laugh
you should laugh every day
number two is think
you should spend some time in thought
and number three is
you should have your emotions moved to tears
could be happiness or joy
but think about it
if you laugh you think and you cry that's a full day
that's the hack of a day
you do that seven days a week you gonna have something special and so,

speech number 84 where he said was
he did not go in, he waited 
his team was wandering where is he 

where is this great coach
he is not there ten minutes 

he is still not there
three minutes before we were to take the field
lombardi comes in
BANGS the door open
and i think you all remember WHAT GREAT PRESENCE HE HAD
all right, great presence
and he walked in
and he just walked back and forth
like this, just walked
staring at the players
and he said: all eyes on me
i am reading this in his book
i am getting the picture of this lombardi before the 'his first giving'
he said
we will be successful this year
you can focus on three things and three things only
your family, your religion and the green bay packers
and they knocked the walls down the rest of it was history
i said that's beautiful i am gonna do it
your family your religion and rutgers basketball... that's it, i had it

i can just cry and cry
these are the men that made the america great and then my true story what in my mind brought that dream country down to gutters as seen from my perspective.

Spoilers alert: This post was supposed to be homage to that great man Valvano, while immediately the following morning national anchors got the nerve to etiquette guess who. And who else? What half-decent fun they could have in these God-forbidden boondocks of Serbia but to prey and call people with open hearts and different views mental on the national tv (more Novi Sad than Belgrade); some even put on color coded prison stripes invoking prison time in mental institution.
Perhaps the problem is in understanding but it doesn't mean I don't get hurt. 
I never expected pampering from my fellow countrymen but what they have been doing to me in the past 10 years has been out of line and over the board.
my advice is: brothers, stop being morons and bringing up prejudice and open your minds
to many people out there i am actually making sense 
I was ready to erase this yellow highlighted text as inappropriate addendum to the post on my side,
but as soon as I walked on the street today January 9th 2014, I got it again confirmed to me that my Serb "comrades" did not change a bit overnight as my dream was, some of them are as ever putrefied in their hating minds even as they are walking into the churchyard. Even on the holy day. If you are not the fucking animals you just leave your filthy provoking shit out of church. We need Jesus to kick their ass in his place, and to leave us the peace and love, not hatred, not provocations. Just trust me, I cannot explain any further. It is just a great fear when you are dealing with offensive ignorant souls and pure hatred that even God cannot purify.


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