Tuesday, December 17, 2013


i got no credibility here! 
for the one i love most (M.....), 
she most likely has no clue as yet.

so that she may try to come to me

but to her prospecting dismay 
since i enjoy being around danger 
God probably looked upon and sent me to serbia. 
perhaps, i indeed did not deserve a family life

turn up the volume and just look at these sneaky security guy whose name is radovan (or rade), location banca intesa, cara dusana street 50, belgrade, and catch a glimpse of the man-made noise he was making for several minutes before i realized my mobile phone had a camera, and i was lucky to catch small portion of it; on video it lasts for only couple of seconds but you can get the idea what lasted for two long minutes as i stood in line. he immediately stopped making noise because he knew i caught him redhanded when he saw camera working. this is how serbs are trying to intimidate and annoy me in those places where you are not supposed to hear a needle drop. now, did you ever witness security officer making this unusual crazy noise in some half-decent institutions like reputable bank? i do not think so. i could not either before the entire nation went berserk into attacking mode after me probably inspired by the american CIA. now i hear it all too often and i know it is some form of intimidation. the next thing i know i start asking myself and investigating who stands behind those institutions that employ such a people – black pope?! it's really scary and unusual so crazy things come to mind. serbs remind me of middleastern terrorists utilizing the most unusual inhuman methods for terrorizing victims into mind boggledom.

on the same day – 17th of december 2013, around 21:16 PM, as i was waiting for the streetcar at one of the busiest stops – karadjordjev park autokomanda-bound direction – another serb – a driver of the streetcar # 14 that works for belgrade’s public transportation company, as he saw me standing and waiting there, he then maneuvered the streetcar in such a fashion (he was probably speeding short distance on purpose and then braking like a madman; or he perhaps released a powerful air brakes to achieve this "effect") that it lifted up a huge pile of dust and brake pads’ asbestos debris (numerous buses are braking there to make a stop) from old fashioned serbian buses that he not only endangered my health but the health of many belgraders waiting there alongside with me. we are surely going to develop something because of him down the line. imo, this is by far worse than what CIA had ever done. even the wicked streetcar guy understood that i was snapping shots - see images - and cowardly sped away as i exited cca. 6 stations thereafter. i immediately felt chest discomfort, tightness and uneasiness in lungs (my condition even followed the day after), sudden and unusual feeling in throat like a sore throat and brutal headache. now you know why those serbs i do not know are even more dangerous for myself and why do i fear their unpredictable actions more than the actions of those i named on the list below! i definitely feel like being on serbian death-row.

these are not isolated incidents, these two are like couple of drops in the big serb ocean of evil and madness. i am so unfortunate to have been born in serbia, imagine, following the years of mindless attacks i had to renounce myself as a serb after all. on the other end of spectrum, some people like film director emir kusturica chose to become serbian instead. perhaps one day if i realize i can gain some benefits from this nation, i will reclaim my serbianship, but until then it is thanks but no thanks!
looking down at serbia, i see novak djokovic on one side and one huge hopeless pool of emptiness on the other so poor in its misery and urge to hate and do some evil to someone like me who was undeservedly beaten by life  and one powerful unjust state - United States of America (what democracy does not allow criticism from its critic's hands on experience?!) - and then there are some faraway lights in the background. it is a cowardly thing. such pervert and perfidious attacks could be performed only by the most miserable cowards of the most cowardly sort. noone is protecting me and they know it - and are still blazing all guns coming at me like crazy. like i am a some must-destroy fortress at iwo jima. you just don't do these things to any man. imo, novak cannot influence this nation to be generally good as he is. it is awfully easy to mirror the goodness. unfortunately, serbs cannot and won’t do that in general. on my part, i see myself as Lord’s boots on the ground, a martyr, and a scapegoat around this what wild west once used to be - a bad-ass rotten place.i am afraid, i am truly afraid, i am really, really afraid so help me God. selah!


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