Thursday, December 05, 2013

my type of lady

somebody provided these! boeing, it is her! cannot believe there is even a claude monet's piece on poster in the background of the upper right pic. if she was my girl i would have forgiven and probably accepted offers to teach art, art philosophy and history even in no. america. perhaps. but, maybe not, not sure as of yet. would do anything for true love just would not go back there though. to be honest, while engaged in fight with entire serbia, i can only utilize these pictures for some appreciation

uhmerica killed my self-confidence; it seems to me as if gals in serbia want to be treated roughly as shit, like slaves, and i simply cannot go there and do that. i am powerless to try restructuring my new family here, got no prior confidence and alas thanks to america got no balls now...alas, so for it and....selah! america made a wimp out of me, and i was so moderate and normal chap, not by serbian standards. in serbia, if you buy a mobile phone protector shield in neon pink you are immediately considered gay, and i am far from that, i am only a functionality freak, i wanna see where my phone is at in dark or in the clutter. i cannot go black or white only not to be considered faggot. it's beyond my grasp. that's why the above is only a dream - she can only be with some serbian faggot ass bitch ass coward pretending to be somebody over my ruined charisma.


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