Saturday, November 30, 2013

all right, that’s enough, that was finally it @!@!@!

because of them I don’t have liberty 
                                                                                       to walk head up with my regular cowboy strut; 
                                                                         because of them I have to walk like a damn hunchback, 
                                                                                                                       the way they made me feel.  
i am flashing some of these names below if something happens to me to point out where the official investigation, if any, should immediately go - even if it only smells of foul-play. these leads then should be of prompt interest thereof for the authorities to pursue. most of them belong to some unknown to me montenegrin power-grid with strong belgrade ties whereto also belongs the art dealer gallery owner also an avid sportsman who threatened to kill the last time i wrote what he did to me, and now he does it again; while mr. v. milosevic is spitting his ass off, the art guy, as i was doing some important business, tried to distract me sniffing his nose intentionally into my direction while obviously trying to embarrass and embarrass me in front of an important person for both of us - mr. nikola kusovac. he damn well knows my ways, and this i assume is a total brownout up serbia's ass. for i am the good guy, world!!!! /this passage was produced with the little help of oreos/

it is muito easier to go after individual targets and unprotected game. if comparing my life and mandela's life, his adversaries left him an option, something to look for after 27 yrs spent in prison.
my would-be enemies in america left me no option as they ruined my family without a chance for repair. in this regard, apartheid guys were much better for mandela than american angels were for me in general. i am perfectly unable to understand why it was done to me. do not think about this, just honestly answer - true or not true?
i have got an aposteriori feeling that 20 agents of serbian secret service are working on my case with rotating schedules and a goal of applying pressure or messing my life on daily basis and they are just waiting for me to come out for 15 minutes as i usually do every day because i have to and then all hell breaks lose for the day. different people are trying to make my life really miserable in serbia. if that was not so, if these were the regular serbian citizens that i am encountering, those that are spitting at me esp. after my neighbor and self-proclaimed cia agent as well as serbian politician vojkan milosevic had started it all, and sending me all those looks of hatred then i think this entire nation is completely crazed out. when i finally enter the nearby maxi store there are either some alexandra or similar being who spills out some acid whose vapor makes eyes burn in those aisles where i am supposed to pass through, or some milica with long pinokio nose whose only fun is to point price scanner at me because she must have heard it really bothers me. being on constant look out stresses me out for every passerby could be a possible attacker like it happened previously when i was attacked from behind in the streetcar by two young men. this year i was attacked almost in front of my home in plain daylight and that attacker made me invalid for life - my speech is often impaired. then i get calls from the secret service agent who has been pretending to be my friend for years offering me nazi memorabilia although he damn well knows i am not collecting that bullshit. i think this is just done to demonize me and make public believe i have deserved their final blow. the way this situation is unfolding, i am almost positive that someone in the government wants to kill me. i believe their plan is to have a cover up for that since it is better for the rest of serbs to have a nice sleep when they believe that someone that secret service has killed or died an unexpected death could have "deserved" it. although with lies they can say whatever they want and make public opinion stir in their way all the way.

like i said, i am never gonna start living it up in serbia but there is nowhere else i could go.
thus i am not gonna bother anymore to save the world – i am going to follow the policy save your own ass which means getting out of the house the least amount of times possible and avoid serbian people in the long, long arches all the time, every day.
i hereby renounce any pointless deed on my part - any responsibility for anything that happens anywhere to anyone and pronounce that the theater doors are open…. hope shall see soon what everybody will get by God. spare the innocent and grant roles of what they deserved to the rest. 
last minute, 12/2/13; belgrade, serbia is the four million people city.
it is simply unbelievable how many of these freaking motherfucking monster nuts are spitting following the example of
their countryman mr v. milosevic. they all remind me of a guy who almost killed me while beating me this year. never found out who it was, as i assume his ass is protected by the police and government.
their crazy behavior gives me the power to keep on writing.
and writing like me equals to a death-wish, but i'd rather choose liberty of writing freely than having to put up with their provoking bullshit in cowardly silence.
they are now succeeding in demoralizing me but i hope God and Weather are going to be on my side whenever the time comes



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