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i am being exposed to the harshest hatred from tens of thousands in serbia and some of them feel free and called upon to even take justice in their hands and punish me but refuse to disclose the crime to me they think i have committed. punishing, that is what it seems they are doing.

i do not think anything of croats, i cannot shun or hate any people for no reason, like many of serbians hate me here and now. alas, some croat decided to buy something from me, and i went to post office on 13th of december 2013 to send him the material. the guy in the line behind me saw my handwriting and where the package was going to and for the time postal clerk was handling the material his looks of hate made me turn over numerous times to check my back. for all that time he was staring me down like he was going to kill and eat me. and not only that, during several minutes as i stood in line in the post office he was breathing down my neck some nasty badass fumes on purpose looking at me like a madman all the time. what was i supposed to, i was in fear?! like most of my life in serbia. just feeling that awful smell did not worth five bucks the croatian guy sent me through a friendly transaction without even knowing my situation here. what was i supposed to do? refuse croat's offer on account of habitat? i can feel rumors of being a croatian spy are going to send my life from a very difficult into an overdrive mode. and i just do not want to come out of home onto serbian streets without a great need though great just an’t good enough. these guys were killing my mind and now they are killng me with their breath and as i am not doing anything about it who knows what they will utilize tomorrow in their irrational and evil hatred.
i am the real example 
that concept of patience 
is not the effective way
of handling things. 
in serbia
i got no other option 
but  to play with 
open cards

if any one of them did at least what i did, and that is write and publish a magnificent book about a forgotten serb hero, i would understand their crazy impetus to continue attacking me. nevertheless, they treat me like a worthless dog. i think they are the scum full of shit.
like today 11th of december 2013, military policeman (driver) was staring me in the eyes (hate looks) from white mercedes puch 290  D military lic. plates: P -2591 as i was waiting for streetcar in front of military housing "unity" in vojvode stepe blvd. around 13:00 hrs, as he was waiting for some fat ass serbian military officer. from this same building around 10:25 PM someone was throwing coins and things at me as i was passing by returning home from the maxi store - groceries shopping. 
even though, same sort of thing happened in united states where i brought in magnificent art with my money to enrich the art fundus of that country, somehow i felt better there. i keep thinking of small things. in serbia, if you pray before your meals, for example in macdonald's they will consider you crazy and retarded. even if i make a quick sign of a cross instead of prayer, if they catch a glimpse of me doing it they will relay "the craziness" to other serbs and the attacks of these godless animals  (both leftists and nationalists have proven to be up to their assailing "tasks") will only enhance in their frequency. at best, they will consider me the part of some sect as it is the custom here to denounce anybody that does not act as everybody here uses to, that is if you do not comply with "their" "normalcy". in america, i loved these small things, like the honest, profound and  thankful prayer before meals, which the Quakers made so unique and unforgettable experience. it was a fun, but later on when these same quakers, most likely, acted to destroy my family only the good parts of the life there remained in my memory.
the above i classify as psychological terror and this is something i can handle.
what i cannot handle is physical terror as they want to beat or throw things at me or utilize lasers to cause a physical damage
- for no logical reason i can think of.
like i said, thanks to my physical constitution i was lucky to make out alive only with speech difficulties, occasional pain and
psychological damage
many people i know that were not serb in belgrade, like muslims and albanians, changed their names into serbian and were baptized following NATO bombing in 1999, the likes of famous film director emir kusturica. these are the guys that hate me most today. their behavior in addition to serbian behavior towards me in general in addition to today’s attacks (10th of october 2013), are the cumulative reason that i am hereby rejecting serbianship and i am hereby refusing to continue to be serb or be called serbian anymore!
i have a real problem because i quit signing my artworks in latin alphabet because americans did what they did to my family which was a horrible thing for me. now if i quit using serbian cyrillic i do not know how will i continue signing my artworks in the future, and will i paint at all, because i really have a need to belong to somebody and be happy in order to create. 
serbs were never provoked by me never and i came to conclusion that these are the worst people on the planet because it is impossible for someone truly innocent to bear their terror.
although i am fine with  not being associated with any nation or nationality. i do not want to represent serbia in any way positive or negative, for i simply despise this nation, simply despise now.
the problem is: i have not deserved any of their terror. and they are behaving like i had done the most terrible things to them. for goodness sake, this year i was knocked down without resisting and while i was knocked out the guy kept on beating me to kill me until he ran out of breath. i never intended to deliver a punch neither i did, serbian motherfuckers, cowards, bitches and assholes! police knows his license plates i never heard of them, snakes are protecting each other. if i had deserved to be attacked ferociously on daily basis, i think nothing would happen to those that were on the watch when i was sent here from united states of america, but because what serbs are doing to me (constant provocations) is completely illogical, irrational, unprovoked and undeserved i feel something equally terrible may happen either to them or to my former watch in america – namely guys in united states  administration, etc. i do not want anything to do with what will happen to them, but God knows what’s right and what simply an’t. i am letting the good people of the world know what is it like to live in serbia. still i have no clue what steers them to hate me with such a passion.
namely today i was almost run over by someone in black tinted windows driving audi A3 in king peter’s street in belgrade and for couple of seconds this freak was doing something like this to me (cca. 10 secs) on purpose as i jumped aside quickly. click here  and watch 0:39 - 1:04 : only mafia and state security (the locally protected ones) could do that unless someone is crazy and wants to go to prison too soon. so we now know from where the terror comes.
next around 20:00 PM one serbian self styled macho guy was walking his kid along with male friend in 1300 kaplara str. where i was buying some books and as his kid moved into my legs i of course stood still until the kid untangled himself which was totally not a reason for this serbian bastard to underhandedly hit me with his elbow as he was passing by. you don't do that to a dog (hit him) for no reason as i was on my best behavior unless you are extremely mean. he did not even turn around he kept on walking like a macho man and i was stunned as i realized again that i was nobody in serbia at that moment or at all times.
i do not want to mention more laser attacks on kalenic market, 1300 kaplara str., and in maxi stores (with price scanners, etc), i am hereby only go to mention names of people i am afraid of in serbia.
because i do not know who is steering serbs into hatred i will put all those i am afraid of even if they threatened to kill me at one point or another, i really do not care about their threats now:
this thing has to stop or serbia must find a way to move me away even if it has to be a graveyeard or to leave me alone but i have the right to come out of my home and not live in fear or hiding, and this time i stayed in house for ten days and nothing happened but every time i pile up enough courage to exit home serbs come at me like crazy:
this list is not complete, i assume most of these people are either connected with domestic and foreign mafia or domestic and foreign state security, 
List has been removed out of safety reasons and constant danger and provocations by many unknown Serbian citizens.

as aleksandar tijanic said before his untimely death: the list of my enemies is who's who in serbia - the most powerful men. in order to survive these enemies i had to be the hunchback of notredame, the real ugly motherfucker, i had to ring and whistle real far and real loud. 
i do not wanna live in something that reminds me of sicily and living in this city belgrade, serbia i feel like living in little sicily where every minute someone will recklessly come at you to deliver the final blow, this reminds me of nothing else, that's real fear and that is how this serbian nation is behaving towards me! and that's what these motherfuckers know and enjoy i. i have no doubts that i am dealing with mafia mindset - i live with enormous amount of fear


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Prestrasno i porazavajuce. Mada moram priznati cudna mi je povezanost Profesora Prostrana sa sveton umetnosti.

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