Wednesday, November 20, 2013

refusing to be terrorized by terror

i am presenting herewith an example of molestation that is regularly happening to me on daily basis. it can be described as moderate to severe depending on what physical damage was done to me. truly it is not a laughing matter. like i said due to the fact that there exists a universal justice, i am terrified that something really bad is going to happen to those who were on the watch when unfortunate decision was made to separate me from my family in usa and send me to serbia in the general turmoil following 9-11-2001. i prefer usa life style to serbia but i will never return there because i totally do not appreciate what they did to me....that's where i got no respect whatsoever, and i went there thinking it is the only place on earth where i could earn respect. furthermore, what serbian masses are doing to me now can only be described as pure horror!
this evening around 19:00 as i was only looking books at street vendors point in 1300 kaplara str., in downtown belgrade, right of knez mihajlova str.
all of a sudden i noticed red laser light pointed at me and on the ground around me coming from the windows of academic house on the corner - marked with red arrow on the photo. then i realized that it had been pointed at me and my eyes for several minutes while students were cheering "that's him, get him" from the windows above. i did not realize about whom they were excited with noise and laughs until i saw the red laser spot. i could say that at least several individuals were involved. they enjoyed harming me, hearing all their laughs and cries of joy, but when i started filming they disappeared. if there're inquiries, i am sure that someone will talk about it. aca "seljak" the bookseller is the witness - i asked him and he confirmed he saw it, and perhaps other bookinists too as well. i am afraid that something terrible is going to happen to those who allowed this to happen because i did not deserve this sort of terror let alone pressure. i present here only less than 1% of what is going on around town on daily basis per se.
later i developed an eye pain, burns and floaters as a result of this. this what happened tonight - 20th of november 2013 - was the proof that some serbs are doing it on purpose and that they want to harm me really bad. they totally do not care for harm they are doing to other human being as blinding someone is the ultimate harm.  
november 21st 2013: went by the same location this evening only to find out that aca "seljak" did not want to speak to me, he was obviously intimidated by the government who gave him a street space to sell books. it appears to me this is the wild west, serbia. 
the town buses were full this evening and since many teenagers and more middle-aged men looked like they were willing to fight me, i decided to walk home and avoid public transportation. luckily it was not too cold. i dream not of the successful life right now, to me great success is to achieve one undisturbed trolley ride from point A to point B. most people do not even think that way, but nobody is bothering them at any case. the serbs have been bothering me for years now even though i am always on my best behavior around here. they always get away scot-free and it - for one - boggles my mind, and - two - i honestly do not know what these characters want from me. the damage has been done. my eyes still hurt, i have blurred vision and floaters, it could be that the government guys were organizing something like what philological faculty students did yesterday but from a distance - from their spooky vehicles. here are some photos i took last night - here is the spot where students enter that academy i talked about....


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