Saturday, November 16, 2013

nobody likes to live in fear

in Serbia, the only popular mainstream band is beogradski sindikat – a serbistan copycat version of black american ghetto rappers and culture. i bet in England such a band cannot be mainstream. combine that with drug dealing, aggression, primitivism, and soccer hooliganism and that is why i am okay with serbian demise in Davis Cup this year since a kid in Czech republic can go to school, preserve its optimism and become a scientist. in serbia, you cannot grow optimism, you have to develop a survival strategy. after 500 years of islam spread by the sword, there is now a ghetto culture on every street corner, all you notice are ghetto hoods, serbs almost identify with african slaves and lyrics invoking violence and radical ideas of communism, and that’s why me, who unfortunately celebrated hooligans in my music over 20 years ago when i was stupid – cannot end a bus ride without fearing for life. the love of christ still has to enter serbia in its magnifying glory. how can i add to and benefit this society when i spend the rest of the day or week recuperating from molestations? they molest me out of pure boredom and because they are allowed to. even without tens of thousands of them retards getting in my way i would not be able to do my thing, so fuck ‘em. i mean nobody was able to fall in love with me even when these mofos were not breathing down my neck. on top of it, i went through so many stresses in the public that i wonder how am i still alive?! honestly, this nation killed Dada Vujasinovic, what can a free mind expect here?! one extraordinary knight like Novak Djokovic cannot carry the entire country on his shoulders. same with Milos Obilic who only sacrificed himself but the battle was lost due to decadence at various ends. same everywhere though some people know the deal and they just want to have their chance to play like the czech republic. keep spreading optimism and preserve places where you can feel respect as a human being.


or build a church to repay some old debts. in other words, let go off decadence, hatred, primitive aggressive thinking and start living


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