Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The simple reason why I am writing this is – I want to live. The scales of God’s vengeance and anger are tipping. I am worried that something really terrible does not happen to those who were on my watch when things started happening to me BECAUSE WHAT SOME SERBS are doing just an’t right. I am a just man and my blood boils in my veins when I witness something that is extremely unjust.
Remember when Jews did not want to listen to Moses – God ordered Moses to slay those who did not want to listen.
There are two voices that Serbs are listening. When I go to one place I immediately want to continue writing here because things that are happening to me there are simple terrible and it is impossible to keep the vivid horror untold. There is absolutely no reason for anyone out there to disturb my life to such a point – like they keep on doing. I have been the victim so far and if anyone was to ask for justice – it was me. Then I go to another public place (shop, bus, streets) and everything seems fine but even there with the 'good Serbs' I feel there is a tension in the air - there is no trust, relaxation and respect - and the scales of justice are tipping. In other words, some Serbs are listening to Moses and other to Aaron. And I am afraid that George W Bush and William Clinton are in great jeopardy because of them. If anything happens to these two, it is the Serbian fault, I have warned you.
Universal Justice is out there waiting for their moves and the things just an’t right!!!!! Calm the hell down Serbia or go to Hell!!!!!

here's what ultra successful serbian sportsman Marko Jaric said about the Serbian people in the current issue of Esquire magazine (Serbian Edition, December 2013):
"hating all those that an't like you, those that are different because they are simply different is not humane, it is catastrophic. and it is exactly what is promoted in serbia as the principle of all principles. this is how serbianhood is measured. with all of that, we are the worst when we need to help each other." 
here there is more, Jaric basicaly says i cannot hate kobe bryant because he is different character than I am - in other words, serbia   means no respect, that's the place where you get no respect as a human being and i totally agree, there is no respect for human life in here:

if he who is so successful says so, what am i to add to it. he has means to get away, and i don't; left at the mercy of those that are the earthly gods full of spite and furious anger, vengeance and hatred for me. for God's sake i still have no clue what did i do to them to deserve all this but i know i live in deadly fear.
here is what happens if you start doing things the way they do not like, this is the statement of former secret service deputy director, zoran stijovic, who lives in fear for speaking out as they terrorized his family out of vengeance:
in the same way they have beaten me this year that i have developed constant headaches, pains and speech difficulties, they made me an invalid too!!!!!
i live in fear, i live in serbia. i want the world to know that. i will never ever have a piece of mind after these days i spent in this country. being silent about it just makes you blow out from fear and i do not want to blow out from fear. more and more, they have been ratcheting up pressure day after day for nearly ten years. kgb, italian and russian mafia mean shit in comparison to serbs and deterrent methods they are running


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