Wednesday, November 13, 2013


i believe in universal justice and that is why i am deeply scared that something really bad may happen to those that were on the watch when things started happening to me, and when i was actually sent to Serbia. i cannot do anything about it. i am perfectly assured that Bill Clinton or George Bush did not personally request any sort of pressure against me, so i am deeply worried that something does not happen to them because it is impossible to stop serbs in their terror tracks.
for example, obviously, i cannot make one normal public transportation ride or the shortest shopping trip for groceries without an incident and without faces of doom trying to make me wish i had never exited home in the first place. it is highly unjustified public mobbing / lynching that i am sure something terrible must happen to someone for this because there is a universal justice involved. these people are beyond crazy and their public lynching and mobbing has been lasting since i got here in 2003, so i understand they (most likely, their secret services) must make up the reasons why they are doing this. i do not know these reasons, but i am sure that various stories are circulating among the population in order to justify this inhuman terror against me. i feel like no one ever has tried to do anything about it or to stop it, i feel as if they have been fueling the fire for all these years. as the result i have not made any progress in my life on the account of suffering from a group public mobbing and hatred – serbs are at home when they are approaching me in group, they are most courageous then. also, teenagers ages 13-24 are the most active in showing their aggression which often times is expressed through some action, like pointing of pocket lasers, walking at me, making noises, spitting, talking shit, producing hatred looks, etc. i feel i have no future here, no privacy, no backers, no chances, no real friends, but i am also deeply concerned about the future of those that were on the watch when it all began. to sum it up, there is nothing i can do but just warn ahead of time, before it is too late. i cannot change the wheels of destiny like i could not change my destiny to have a spouse and a family life like all normal men do. serbia does not allow me to be normal, hence my blog. furthermore, i am so attuned psychologically - or spiritually - that i never feel separated from those i love for example - betty a. fr. c.?.?. – but that does not help me. same with who i think i was in my past lives, it does not mean anything to these guys. they are all about primitive instincts and what i call a genuine evil, the evil that don't mind if its unjust doings backfire on them. 
currently, 15th of november 2013, they (who are they? serbian government? serb power?) are forcing very troublesome people onto me - some of them are most likely infected with hiv - aids and hepatitis but i feel as if they are given the green light to attack me very blatantly whenever they see me like it happened today on kalenic market when some gypsies particularly those that do not know me from earlier spat around as i was walking by. i heard rumor there that allegedly i sold two kilos of gold, and that i became very rich which is a very dangerous fat lie among those people with two grams of brain and big knives in their pocket. while the reality is that i do not even drive like the rest of this country but have to put up with unruly aggressive crowd in public transportation and various other places. like i said, where did the spitting thing primarily come from? the answer is from mr. v. milosevic, alleged cia agent and my neighbor who started this yukky trend, that's the first time i saw someone spitting like nuts. what did i do, to deserve all this? i get no respect whatsoever around this town and country. namely, yesterday i was in novi sad - and all of a sudden i realized that i am hated there more than in belgrade. it was like going through hell walking on novi sad streets, the most hatred coming from hooligans and hoodlums of all sorts. they did their best to ruin my day and make me feel isolated from the society in general. i am sure this injustice has to backfire somewhere sometimes, so for it


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