Monday, November 11, 2013

i hereby double confirm everything stated below

just stopped writing about maxi and marija but alas, maxi delhaize was not going to let me "quit the mob" that easy, they need a free publicity.
they know that writing of my complaints so far provided more business to them, more people were coming in to support them. 

i made mistake of going to that store today (nov. 11th, 2013) around 21:00 hrs, only to come out with blood red eyes as they sprayed some strong nasty chemical into the air again when i was passing by. during the last month and a half the management of that store brought in guys that look like trouble and chased all the good working girls away, it seems.

next thing i know, when i was at the register one of these new cashiers, blonde guy with dewy face or perhaps it is full of scars tried to point the laser into my eyes, but i was not packing articles in the bags as i anticipated what he was going to do – i waited until he finished scanning so he could not do what he was trying since i watched him. i double dared the motherfucker. now as i started packing bags he quickly proceeded to check out the next guy who was actually the guy that was cleaning the store minutes ago with potent chemicals (he sometimes act as an acting manager) so the dewy face got me with a laser as i could not pack all articles as quickly as he got hold of the laser thing. then he managed to point it into my eyes several times. i also noticed him and the cleaning guy exchanging secretive smiles and glances of pleasure. i repeat there is genuine evil all around me, it is so crazy that i do not know what to do. the only thing i know i’ll never go back to united states again, that’s for sure. i hate backstabbers more than i hate my current enemies. there is no one here who can teach serbs a lesson not even the orthodox church, many of them are wild beyond words. if i only knew what makes them hate me...


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