Wednesday, October 30, 2013

unusual grays.

saw a hooded angel this evening around 19:30 hrs in the city bus 48. the angel looked something like Olivera Jeftic.
of course, got intrigued, there was something in the air, though nothing like sexual thing, more like the glimpse of her brought me back to biblical times. as if i was walking among people from the old and new testament. 
the angel got off on the same station i did -- karadjordjev park. later i thought, i should have tried to see if she was for real. paul drake sort of thing.
there's another angel looking thingy called ana rel. - she reminds me of high renaissance tymes. saw her once as she was walking her little dog downtown and that was it. oh brother, my life's so boring. sweet Jesus, the only think that messes bore are serbs itching to deny me. where's Olivera now?


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