Thursday, October 24, 2013


 what's direct opposite to the king of cool
 they want to destroy me in stages. recently, guy that came into neighborhood beat me to near death for nothing. it feels like the entire secret services of serbia inclusive of military are zeroing in on me!|!! douche-bags...
even though the situation is catastrophic as regards my human rights in serbia i won’t go back to united states, that’s for sure. i am in hell now and i won’t go back there, it’s got to tell you something.
i must say that i almost got a brain damage as i entered bus #25 today as a freaking serb or many of them were going to attack me, it seemed so. they were barking, snarling, making spitting noises, rolling their eyes as if they're freaking out, grinning, laughing, behaving like damn animals. they weren’t pretending, man, that was scary just to see these faces of doom. blood flushed into my brain and i felt it clogging in my right temple, also felt huge pressure in lungs and around heart and thought so be it. because i did not expect such a wicked attack all of a sudden by unknown individuals. i still feel pain in my temple like it is going to explode. i feel a great chest pressure too.

next to harassing, serbs are obsessed about owing a vehicle, most of them drive and most of those that do not have money to drive, inclusive of hooligans and various lowlifes get on public transportation where i am exposed to unseen terror. on the streets there is yet a chance to loop and swing around most of them, not aboard a bus or streetcar.

there were many other things that happened today but i am not feeling well because of this and i will stop here and let your imagination work what serbian cia – bia which is obviously not controlled by serbs – is doing to me. only such institution can promote terror and public lynching of one individual on such a large scale. think about it. serbian way of patriotism is brought down to street levels -  hooligans majorly play it out and as a joke serbian three fingers salute was introduced by bia (obviously not run by serbs) some time ago – it was copied from croatian fascists who killed many serbs during wwii. that’s an unbelievable paradox and sarcasm that this nation can take and finally come at me – the guy who does not have a clue and does not deserve this kind of terror because i did not participate in anything. i repeat in anything they want me hanging about. i do not know what their fucking problem is! as matter of fact i did for this country what none of them will ever do, i invested six years in research and money into publishing a book about one of serbian american greatest painters - nicholas petkovich. nobody except a few collector friends bothered to say hey thanks man! on the other hand they have been treating me like shit for 11 years and i do not even know why. i am only guessing. i intend to stay my ground in serbia, i won’t be moving to israel, russia or anywhere, i was born here and i am going to fight through pacifist methods and this blog by exposing the underground mafia working styles of evil – locally, does not matter if it comes from the government, businesses, or individuals. 
have admitted publicly to being the greatest coward in the world and it seems as if this admission gives serbs the wings, a green light to go at me with all they have. and who goes against the cowards, if not those that are the greatest cowards themselves. there is something wicked that drives this nation and i do not know what it is. 
earlier today as i transported art of national interest to nikola kusovac by streetcar no. 10 i recorded the audio above (mic was muffled as the phone (recorder) was placed in pouch and then in a pocket not to attract the attention) as i was surrounded by 12 young hooligans that were not so aggressive as they could be, but even so i
- skipped exit and drove several more stations as i was afraid to pass through them while they were constantly kicking and abusing each other a step away from me,
- thought about pressing an emergency break and asking driver to call police to establish an order which would definitely provoke them to escalate violence,
- was expecting them to kick me at any time, to kick art and destroy my belongings like an expensive cell phone.
- was cornered on the rear platform and only exited after they exited, was deranged for a few sec and then ran for the appointment as they yelled "get him, there goes the faggot" which leads me (together with the fact they just drove not knowing where exactly to exit) to believe that perhaps they were on the harassment task. just listen and decide whether you would like to be cornered by 12 of these ca. 17 y.o. hoodlums.

as all managers of torture camps in yugoslavia (all live in serbia now with the status of earthly gods) were never reprimanded, they still live in belgrade and
enjoy all sympathies of the current regime in serbia
i suspect this recipe, just improved and modernized, is in place for me:
serbia is the only state in former yugoslavia that never officially parted ways with terrorist legacy of the same and reprimanded the guilty - instead serbia promoted them. they as mentors are in charge now.
would not be writing this if something did not snap in my brain (around temple) yesterday evening out of pure despair, shock and disbelief in that bus, and feels like clogged brain artery, pain, and possible hemorrhage...imagine if someone out of blue picks and forces you into a small cage with thousands of angry cobras...wouldn't you snap too?


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You are a retarded crying bitch.

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