Monday, October 21, 2013


these were the three days of calm before the storm. someone told serbs to keep quiet for several days and again today all hell broke loose again. it seems impossible to guard and steer this nation. nothing more, it's a damn joke.
meanwhile, during the weekend heavily guarded by serb police, croatian "ustashas" were boarding busses on slavija square in belgrade and it appeared they also knew me and one of them wanted to start a fight while trying to play a chicken with me walking straight into me.
as i approached, two croatian girls were singing a known serbian song: "you do not have enough money to even reach prishtina (to escape serbia)" it appeared just to unsettle me as their voice changed pitches irritatingly. 
they obviously hate me even in croatia. i think it is a balkan thing, hopefully not european.
the best case scenario would be if united states opened my file and told the world what exactly happened with me. that would not leave serbian secret agencies any ground to speculate and tell crazy stories to this people which make the grounds for their hate and phantasies. those that steer their hatred are pure monsters.
with everything i went through i vouch the unknown serbian motto could be 'beating thorny bushes with another guy's penis sounds like a good idea.'
seems like they cannot understand that they are ruining my life with their every step, every hate look, every wrong decision which they make all the time.
basic thing is - they think i am crazy but not in a positive way while someone somewhere opened a can of worms and told them to think and behave so. like i said in my view correct punishment for this unbelievable and extreme distress of body and mind would be eternal darkness without a chance to see the sun again


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