Saturday, August 04, 2012


As the long-time victim 
of these MONSTERS (Novak djokovic's countrymen) to whom they ruined family [summum supplicium] and future [to eternally suffer through agonizing and humiliating punishment] 
I think I have the right to say the following.  By God I hope they pay dearly in their lives and other terrible cost for what they are doing to me for simply their inquisition does not cease. If the main secret is about life, it cannot be that I was brought to this world only to be the victim of their evil minds and deeds [ Catholic maxim against me seems to be rattle to unsettle ][. Today I may be the only equivalent of the poor Jewish soles in the eve of WWII, those that did not know the terror may have had happened. Many rich Jews knew the stuff was coming and they fled to United States. They were warned what was going on, just like I never was.

Today (4th of August) as I was bypassing 30 members of some Brazilian team near Kalemegdan in Belgrade, they began making noises and commenting toward me in evil fashion which brought attention of some Serbs who joined them in their harassment in the public view. I think if they had stones near they would stone me to death. Brasil is another Roman Catholic country. Did pope tell those bastards that I was devil or something and that they have to pursue me for the exemplary effect? i think he will pay too for his misdeeds for he was born of flesh and blood like everyone else. i think that but i am sure that my writings will never be the regular part of the students' curricula at the St. John's College at Annapolis, Md. It's jinxed too by being Catholic.

Another half an hour later this Serbian super whore came next to me and started making loud man-made noises in the local tramway again trying to humiliate me in the public view. Luckily, I was so together and lucid enough to record some quick video and photos of her: ///click on the photo below to see the larger image of this super whore from Serbian Hell/// with shit-looking masquerade & lousy outfit she might as well be serbian government agent going after me in their Inquisitory quest sponsored by the italian pope -  the great misanthrope - i can almost smell the shit coming out of her ugly as hell serbian (montenegrin?) nostrils, the only thing you can see
when i started filming this serbian superwhore (could very well be the mother of all whores) started acting like nothing happened. you see in the video, if her bosses or she sees this, she may as well claim that i was taping an innocent bystander (lady!). i hope her family will be torn down to pieces like she - that serbian fullblooded evil - deserves. i do not think she is mental. imo, she is full-blooded evil. she is looking for ostracizing in the eye of the public. i think many serbs act like they were authorized to ostracize me in the public by making man made noises.

I think Serbs have it for granted, someone authorized them to pursue me where-ever they see me,  and if someone was able to find who this whore is, Serbian, Roman Catholic or to what  Hell this stinky trail leads, then it would have been obvious if these terror Inquisition assignments were assigned in the Belgrade‚Äôs Roman Catholic Church or elsewhere. Until then, I wish to all of these pigs and snakes and their families safe and quick way to Hell!!! Even if they go to Church for all of their misdeeds I hope the jaws of Pandemonium shall open and swallow all these Serbs and Roman Catholics altogether

i hope all of their evil backfires, backfires, and backfires on them and ruins good fortunes of their italo-serbian Fiat factory of shit-cars in Kragujevac. Amen to that!!! Please do not buy Serbian, Do not buy Fiat, do not buy Roman CAtholic, do not buy Italian, do not buy guido, DO NOT BUY sPANISH, do not buy Austrian, do not buy AmericAN!!! and perhaps do not buy English

JUST TO LET YOU KNOW: THESE STINKY PEOPLE THAT ARE HARASSING ME ARE NOVAK DJOKOVIC'S COUNTRYMEN!!! Hope Del Potro takes the bronze medal away as the small-time but not the only punishment.

just this morning i was contemplating of closing this blog and leaving only
one protest page with extract of what was happening to me in the last 17 years.

this evil of today's has stopped me in my tracks; i don't think i will ever do it now.
i may as well say roman catholics and serbs are the true workings of the devil

Since as the 2nd class citizen I do not drive in Serbia and the majority of my trouble happens in the places where one needs to stand or seat for awhile like public transportation, the only safe way for me was to just as the United States blacks did during 1950s ride on the rear platforms on the public vehicles. As soon as I would come into the view of Serbians they would start trouble! These nasty dogs are very territorial. It seems so if you had read my previous posts as well = rear platform - out of sight out of their mind. I hope they all go to hell collectively!

Instead of utilizing me as the cultural bridge between
them and those that do not even know what Schuykill is,
let alone pronounce it, Americans had to devastate my family and
make me the the eternal victim of these Balkan savages. 

Finally, those that were playing with the fire they already devastated all my chances to prosper in the future 

Finally, why do these people enjoy in attacking an innocent person like me? Why do not they tell me what I did to them so I know? Anyone that has ever appeared in negative context at this blog has deserved it in one way or another even though they state :he is crazy, he put me there I do not know why. I can explain to them why, although I am playing stupid like they do, not telling them anything! 


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