Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Following some time after I had come back from America (2003) as I was lying in bed, a ray of light shone in my eyes from the air, approx.300-400 feet away. I was made drowsy and fell asleep at once. At that time my room was on the other side of the house. And I felt no pain or consequences.

I think it was the encounter of the fourth kind. Alas, now that my room is on the other side of the house, something strange is going on but I do not see any light like I did before.

Sometimes, more often than not, and this has been going on for some time, when I open windows I feel burning sensation all over my face and esp. eyes. This morning (27th of March 2012) the incoming energy was so intense that my heart jump-tumbled twice, and if I stayed any longer I could have suffered a real heart attack. Also, when I was walking in the garden I felt energy projecting into my back and cranium as if someone was pointing and targeting something like an ultra-powerful microwave weapon at it, perhaps utilizing some optics. Previously, I had been thinking it was a powerful laser beam, but now I am sure it is something more sinister than that. I graduated from high electro-technical school majoring in small currents, and I sort of know what I am talking about.

More than likely, the destructive energy from this morning was coming from the house in Gostivarska Street. Don’t even know who lives there, who are my neighbors. I had thoughts of CIA or other secret agency following up on me and renting some of the apartments there whereby they would be able to do stuff like this since to say the least, strange things happened to me in USA. I was held in almost like Area 51 isolated private Jesuit prison in Albert Pike County.

However, since the unusual incident that happened earlier, I’d rather believe these are the men in black than secret agencies (CIA, Russians, Mossad, or BND). I do not believe whatever radiates this energy is stationary and positioned and pointed into the windows from somewhere in the garden. I believe whatever sends out this energy has got optics and is projected from someone, somewhere.

I swear everything said here is truth, and nothing but the truth and it is not a purported to be a hoax of any kind.


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