Monday, July 09, 2012


Only in America they’ll turn friends into enemies. I wonder what did USA gain by urging tens of thousands of Serbian hoodlums, bums and hooligans on me? I mean USA gave them the green light to attack by providing information about me. I cannot walk to the store anymore as same things happen again as I had described earlier in the post below. As the freshest example (10th of July 2012), hooligans on the upper levels of Vojvode Stepe 139 – 141 in Belgrade Serbia. They are throwing something at me as I heard “Don’t do it!” again. Besides, their instincts and comments raise the flag in my mind: who urged 'em on me?
Like all cowards throughout the world – Serbs attack in groups of at least two. I was never attacked by the sole Serbian if he was not a mental. Period. Further, Serbs as the nation remind me a lot of the correctional officers: like bullying, are loyal to lines of power, like groups.


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