Tuesday, June 19, 2012


McCain was a Vietnamese prisoner for a long time. Seeing him up and kicking right now, I think his treatment with Vietcong was great. He probably had a better time in Mister Charlie's prison than he ever had it in United States. McCain was nannied & spoiled by Uncle Ben’s Boys. On the other hand his Republican peers prepared for me an unseen terror before they had broken my family and chased me to Serbia. They ordered their Serbian "gentiles" to mercilessly go after me day by day. It is the only explanation.
The Man Under Most Pressure

 I cannot even walk into the empty post office without any trouble. Today again, 19th of June 2012, the postal security officer in the post office 11141 in Belgrade (Serbia) had pointed his laser beam that opens up doors into my eyes to blind me. At least it was his intention. The crime in this area is frequent so they keep this damn thing in their hands all the time. The post office was empty and I did not expect this damn guy was going to do it again from one foot away. It was on purpose.

This is just one attempt on me out from the many on daily basis. I doubt John McCain was troubled by the Vietnamese as much as his buddies prepared it for me.

What popular Serb leaders Vojislav Seselj, Tomislav Nikolic or Boris Tadic have told these guys? I think in order for someone to be willing to gauge someone's eyeballs out it must be either about accident, love, money or politics. I would not be writing this if these attacks were not happening on daily basis on numerous occasions in different parts of this damned city and in various ways. They have filled these young bums and stupid Serbs with hate towards me. Basically, million Serbs left the country back when I did. They gave this million a name. They named them after me and it is the only way I can explain what is going on. McCain, Bush and Company gave them the green light to go after me, and out of pure menace and meanness the Serbs are utilizing their right to the full extent. I wish these Americans found out at least in the gooks' prison camp what is it like to be terrorized. They would not be doing any terror across the world. I am sure. Period.

One million traitors and cowards marked for life for which I - as the only one whose name was "sung" to the public - have been paying dues in the last nine years with interest! Dues to the bloodthirsty and evil Serbian Nation of Murderers and would-be Murderers.
Let me tell you the truth, I believe John McCain is the example of a traitor and coward for how he can be in such a great shape and doing so good after alleged torture in the VC's prison?!
That's a rattling joke.

On Serbian Snitches:  In my case and eyes Serbs are the worst nation in the world, snitching to each other on my whereabouts (and situation so I don't have Peace in my life), trying to isolate, ostracize and laugh me out from their ugly society
and to stultify me for asking aegis in America - asking for aegis with those of McCain kind, those that finally betrayed me. Perhaps it is not incidental someone has been named McCain (as in Cain that killed Abel, brother that killed brother, such are the Americans, the worst shit).


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I've read that John McCain actually gained substantial weight while held prisoner, and also they set his broken bones from the crash and he healed right. He told them who his father was so he received privileged treatment. Meanwhile have you read about 1/2 Serbian hero Lance Sijan who was treated brutally after a crash and his escape attempts and died there in Vietnam?
He was a better pilot too - Lance Sijan's plane crashed on his 52 mission and it was some mechanical failure where the bomb detonated will still on the plane. Meanwhile McCain had been previously shot down several times and on the last one where he was captured he was on a mission to bomb women working in a light bulb factory. McCain = phony hero; Lance Sijan = true valorous hero.

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