Friday, March 30, 2012


Almost without a cease since 2003, since the time CIA broke apart my family and returned me to Serbia I have been living in Serbia under CIA-projected and pressurized nightmare. CIA-sponsored Serbian Government has projected a dismal image of me in the public. It is not an issue whether Serbs like me or not, it is that they do not trust me one bit.

On the last occasion, between the two mega markets I opted to shop in the Serbian/Jewish capital owned store called RODA RODIC MEGAMARKET (aka MERKATOR - S, Đorđa Stanojevića 35). The latter one is called IDEA and it is owned by the Croatian capital. I read stories that Croatians are sending poisoned food ( ) to Serbs and also, the very same products there are more expensive thus I skipped IDEA.

Alas, after I made a large purchase of several thousand dinars yesterday (see the receipt and how much money they had to give me back later, it's there) the bitch at the register (cashier, photo is here; Mrs. Zeljka Culibrk, ?) decided that she wanted to check out my rucksack. Immediately, I told her to call for the store manager and in the wait I scuffled with the idiots “posing” as the store’s security that came there to see what was going on. I told security (freaking first and second generation stupid Krajina Serbs) to agree with the following: if they want to take a look in my belongings and don’t find anything suspicious they either have to give me something nice for free or call the police if they want to proceed. I took a picture of all of them - – they took half an hour of my lifetime and the rest of the week with respect to my mood, decision-making choices, etc. The same thing happened on the previous occasion, and although I can get products in RODA RODIC MEGAMARKET (aka MERKATOR-S) cheaper I wonder is it worth if these bastards ruin the rest of the day for me.

I ask RODA’S store manager why other people in the store wearing purses are left undisturbed. Why were they singling me out? They have all these cameras, ten people constantly watching like dogs and they want to check ONLY MY RUCKSACK. Call the police if you want to see the insides. The manager, female in the white shirt below replied do not take pictures, it is forbidden!

Well, I think this terror is organized and sponsored by Serbian mafia that runs the country in cahoots with USA. Finally, I told these motherfuckers to return money. I am taking back everything! So they did. Eventually, I only bought five pairs of underwear so I can put the memories of ROAD RODIC MEGAMARKET where the Sun do not shine. I walked over to IDEA store and as soon as I got in, I observed security repositioning and enhancing a security level as they were alerted or alarmed by the colleagues from RODA. Eventually, nobody gave me anymore trouble for the evening.

The same thing is happening in the art market where I am known as the up and coming collector of fine art. The art dealers there do not want to admit that I am the art critic as well as they would like to keep me at a bay with the CIA projected image of me. So the doors are closed where they should have been opened. I do not have any sort of interaction where I should have had. People like Nikola Kusovac who issue art certificates were at first suspicious even after I was bringing them the impeccable stuff and now that I do not have much problem with them, there are still these small time art dealers from Belgrade (like Zvonko Osrecki, etc) and Novi Sad that are riding on the CIA projected wave that signal rumors and that do not allow me to enter into the race to the fullest of my potential. They want to keep everything to and for themselves. I wonder what God shall leave to George W. Bush Administration and all those that prevented me to live my life the way I should have had, but it is not my business anymore. My business now is to fight battles with hordes of these stupid Serbian motherfuckers and show to them who’s in charge with my intelligence. Even though, constant battles are wearing me down and I feel like Don Quixote more than anything else. They killed my Sancho Panda and everyone in between a long time ago.


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