Sunday, February 26, 2012

COMPLIMENTS OF THE CIA – passionate hatred

Occasionally I go to Mozzart Betting for a small time betting fixes to keep in touch with my favorite sport (Vojvode Stepe 131, Belgrade, Serbia) only to have a continuance of setting a bum on fire experience that started in 2002, compliments of the CIA and Serbian Secret Services. Who are these youngsters – 18- 20 yr olds? They to me look like drug dealers or petty thieves. These young bullies can only stick on me because of the rap sheet they were told by the rats in the police and Serbian Secret Services to smear my image locally. Every-time I get in and they are there - they give me these unnerving looks while talking trash so I am on da defensive while applying quick get out tactics all the time. Serbian people in general are riddled with anxiety, fear, insecurity, and anger. And Hatred. Alas, tonight two of them – the fat one and his buddy “oh, here goes the cretin” – spotted me on the street (CIA! Do I get my privacy anywhere please!) proceeded to harass me on the street as they made noises as I was passing by them and as long as I was in their optics. The passersby were smiling with smirks. I am pretty sure these two young bucks were packing at least a screwdriver; they must have heard that I have been a tough nut to crack. Or they reckoned it is two us against the nut with glasses. But it is crazy we are neighbors, the confrontation will most certainly involve their families and someone will eventually have to die because of their stupidity. I do not know who they are but they most certainly can easily find out where I live because obviously - everybody knows me. And so on. It appears the Serbs are awarding my harassment. At any rate, Serbs enjoy ruining Serbs better than them, the evil runs in the family. As the nation, they like kissing asses of the foreigners too. So CIA – Serbia connection comes in natural and handy. These two and the passersby were enjoying it and it was a Serbian Showtime. Well, it was not for me - I hope this betting place moves from this block asap, so these motherfuckers do not have a place to spend their ill earned gains and I hope they go to Hell as I wish to all those that took time in falsely accusing me of anything and turning my life into the nightmare whose result is that many Serbs do not see me as the victim but as their public and private enemy they have to toot their horns with although I do not know for what or why. I only know the damages, it costs me all the good time I could have had, the friendships, money, nerves, family, et cetera. They practically ruined me and they have to be scared of the revenge, although as long as I am alive I am pretty sure nothing bad will happen to them. But the real show will begin when I disappear.

Tremendous hatred is coming towards me from some of these Serbian people. I can see what most of them think and where are they coming from but among all of them the hooligans' body language is the easiest to read, they are ready to fight me right there, that moment on the street, they stare at me with all that hatred. If they are not packing they would have not. Who told them about me? Who told them they could think of an attempt. IMO, the following is the order of command: CIA orders to the Serbian Government (Serbian President, his security and cohorts) and NGOs mostly run by the Serbs of Middle Eastern origin (Lebanon and surroundings), the latter two order hooligan leaders - supporters of major football clubs (drug dealers that are the highest in command on the streets) most of them are behind bars already (think American Creeps, Bloods, etc), but they still command, they order to the soldiers on the street - young hooligans, members and sympathizers of the football clubs. Big money is in the game otherwise they would not be able to do this. One of their tasks is to shake me down each and every day without giving any breaks. If I could, I do not know what I would do to someone in CIA for all I had to come through for nine years this has been going on. Apparently, since 1996 or 2002 for that matter I had not had a normal day in my life, neither I expect.

any nation would be proud to have a mind like me in their stock. english would have killed for the person like me, unfortunately they have to deny me because i am serbian. i am the best of both worlds and i have emerged in the nation of ignorant, aggressive primitives from Balkan peninsula that are mostly my adversaries if there are at least twenty occurrences by day of some sort of molestation whereby i am the victim. serbs have no reason to hate me and by joining the EU their stupid ways will obtain some sort of credibility.


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