Thursday, April 19, 2012


In 2002, American Roman Catholics brutally separated me from wife and child utilizing U.S. legal system since the Patriot Act allowed them to avoid due processing my case. Since then I have not seen the rest of the family - "the most important social unit in the United States". Eventually we broke apart over the years. I believe the reason for the dust that was raised around me was the quote from the Bible that Jesus will come like a thief in the night. It was the start of the Millennium and about that time for Jesus was truly crucified at the age of 37. So they were expecting the Messiah around 2004! I'd only say I was pinpointed. :) Bible quote was Behold, I come like a thief! It appears to me Roman Catholics could not allow the Messiah to appear in any other faith than Roman Catholic. One must add the natural inborn hatred of Roman Catholic American Croats, the descendants of Ustashas, and their immediate Catholic Irish, Polish, and Italian brethren against Serbs. I am talking about the people that personally know those who propagate hatred not every single Irish or Italian person. I met some such people there that were working as public prosecutors or in the police force as well as CIA which is mostly Jesuit based organization starting from the Directors and other top management. It was obvious to me that they were framing me up with cases they had hired me to do as the translator by falsely attributing the essence of these cases to my life and family (love triangles and love affairs i.e.) although there was no comparison. In addition, they started numerous other rumors.
I think the only thought for them was to destroy me in the Machiavellian fashion, not minding about the means. Even though I never felt like or manifested “Godly acts or behavior” they wanted to make sure to /just in case\ present the public image of a petty thief and liar and practically destroy my life and future. Finally, they locked me in Roman Catholic Jesuit private prison and at first put me in the cell with what I now believe was another "Messiah" - a black Rastafarian preacher, so at that time Roman Catholics took the situation seriously and were most likely "dealing" with undesirable probable messiahs. 
As I wrote earlier, finally, they tried to arrange for me to die in March of 2003 as if by natural cause as they kept me in unventilated gaseous room for hours just before they got me on-board the plane for Serbia. I started collapsing in the middle of flight and in addition and as of then I developed a lot of other health problems for their dirty actions. While I was imprisoned awaiting departure for months they practiced mind games on me, enforced a psychological pain, and took video clips after stripping me naked. Just in case the story of the Christ emerges they have the evidence how earthly and powerless being is your non-Roman Catholic Christ.
I believe Serbia is also run by Roman Catholics and their well-paid and organized puppets. Many Croats with Serbian names are in the top level of government and here the American terror only continues. I have been rumored on the street and even though I do not have a criminal record of that kind and practically normal life for me in Serbia is impossible. I do feel like Jesus who is about to be crucified. There is a mass hatred everywhere. It is my opinion that Serbs idolize murderers and real criminals and like to crucify innocent people. This is my conclusion. I suffered so much in Serbia almost as much as in hands of those Roman Catholic monsters. Basically, I have not done anything to anybody. Once or twice I had to react in self-defense but these attacks were also provoked by these Roman Catholic rumors that are also spread in Serbia by Catholic cohorts – communists – and their ever present (since WWII) maltreatment apparatus (let’s only mention numerous man made noises 24-7 no matter where I show up which are mind boggling if they happen for years non stop), my message to Roman Catholics ( = CIA), communists and Serbs is - if you do not like me so much or if you cannot handle me - spare me and kill yourself . There is nothing kind about this two. I would not comment on the Serbs - plain population - as they are inferior in mind and unable to make difference between right and wrong. The true products of the communist terror, pressure and harassment brough by another Roman Catholic turned communist - Marshall Tito. I believ Catholic hatred for Serbs rises from the murder of Prince Ferdinand and cannot be forgotten even after Catholics and Croats murdered Serbian King Alexander I.I am an innocent person crucified (as I cannot continue living a normal healthy life although I have been trying for well over 10 years) by those that cannot care less for anything or anybody = that is why i say cannot make difference between right and wrong - and I only hope that everything they made and wish to me comes back to them and hits them at least twice as hard in their lives. Except to those that are after me I think I cannot harm a person or wish anything bad to anyone in my life like they do. amen.


I do not think so. Every day I pray for the fast and quick death of relatives of those that are harassing me usually in public transportation, queues, and on the street.
I have not done anything to them and they have no right to harass me as injustice hurts and each one of them is taking a piece of my mind and piece of my heart, at least a day of my lifetime goes away for/with/per such a person.
During the course of years and due to unprovoked harassment I have become gravely ill, and it does concern when these unknown people that were instructed how to harass me are provoking me. Yesterday I was so ill I needed to go to emergency because of these people and thus have decided that my future and my life is more valuable from being a good Christian. I must pray to Lord to show them that He is in charge and not the Satan that instructed them to do evil to me. The same sort already crucified Christ and I am feeling his pain already. My health cannot come back unscathed, and thus there cannot be no remorse, I must react with prayer. This stuff has to end and it will end in deaths of those that are going against me for nothing and out of ignorance and spite.
Today 20/04/2012, one of them, bold headed, full of spite was violently jingling a set of keys for at least ten minutes two seats in front of me in tramway, other people were looking at him too, some of them were smirking, he had the picture of mother of god on his key-chain, well I prayed
to God to annihilate a portion of his family to show him blatantly what not to do and what happens when you take Godly justice in your hands. I also pray that those that instructed them what to do lose their loved ones. So far this psychological warfare was kept for Goli Otok political prisoners and now they are practicing it in real life not in prison. I wonder what would general Jovo Kapicic feel if his grandson the famous actor was soon killed in traffic accident as well as all those Serbian leaders, policemen, politicians all those that are instructing these Serbians to harass me. It does not take much intelligence to realize that they are repeating themselves in incorporating the same things everywhere I go, same harassment style. So I may be the only one that knows it is directed against me, but I am sure a lot of other Serbs know it too. It is the Roman Catholic way - divide et impera. Soon all those that do evil will run out of their luck just like they wanted to. It may be funny, thrilling, and adrenaline pumping experience to undeservedly provoke others, but when some of them or their closest ones die, they realize how powerful a cosmical justice acts as it'll be too late for all of them to regret.


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