Tuesday, May 01, 2012


It seems to me that it is impossible that Serbs as well as Jesuits will leave me alone for the rest of my life. Even if someone annihilates the entire families of Serb leaders I do not think that the opened can of worms will seal and that they will leave me alone. Then again there is a choice up to God to send message to the entire Serbian nation since it appears the Serbs are stubbornly evil and stupid people that harass and molest innocents. Same thing about Jesuits who started it all.

They knew that with all the mental lynching that goes on in the city of Belgrade (primarily, reflected through man made noises made by various Serbians) wherever I go, I - not a miracle man - will never have a peaceful day for the rest of my life neither I will, as the traditional person, be able to form another family and live on like I always wanted to. This harassment on the national level not only reflects on mental and physical state of my being but I do not want to involve anyone else to share my load of daily lynching, thus I am mostly alone, isolated from the society, and it is not the situation I wanted to be in.

To be precise, I do not know who are these people after me, but my wild guess is that they are either blatant radicals or the cunning members of those Serbian minorities steering trouble and divide in phantomly fashion, or even the members of Serbian Secret services and police as they thrive on intrigue.

For this daily harassment I should be paid daily wages and insurance on the state level as surely some Serbs are benefiting off me, it is like having a free scapegoat from flesh and blood they can kick around all day long for their inner well being and satisfaction! I am quite serious, they are destructing my health and welfare to benefit theirs. Plus, my future is getting nowhere, I have no other place to go. I was born here and Belgrade is my backyard. Towels at Novak Djokovic's tournament must be washed three times before play to attain necessary softness for players satisfaction, I just want to be left alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloodsuckers! I think I got to have more rights than a bloody towel. Jesuits were burning innocents from the Middle Ages, they do not care for human lives, but it is amazing how easy they can put one entire hostile nation to work for them?!
As far as I can experience there is so much evil in Belgrade that God will have to deal with this city for good.

Speaking of Novak Djokovic, I thought it would have been one person I could immensely trust, nevertheless, I went to Serbia Open, Novak's Tournament yesterday and a friend asked me whether we should have a drink there at His restaurant "Red Bull" or at the usual place. To make the long story short, we sat there and after a metallic taste in my mouth from mineral water and some body pain around kidneys later on (today) I suspect if some foul-play was involved. Especially so since this is the first time I got a big-time curb-bit after visiting a public restaurant so it gave me an idea of a more serious foul-play - the most benevolent would have been if they gave me to drink from somebody's spatter glass. Today I was ready to swear myself never to visit any restaurant or pizzeria anymore in my lifetime since I do not know what these people want from me and why do they hate me so much.


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