Friday, June 29, 2012


It appears to me that I won't be left a.lone in Serbia as long as they do not accuse me of some crime and put me in prison for everything I had described below. I HAVE STRONG NOTIONS ABOUT IT AND JUST WAIT AND SEE - SOON, THIS YEAR. Soon after they do it, as soon as possible, I will put their names inclusive of the Serbian Public Attorney, judges etc herewith for all the world to see who are these people and WHO gives them orders to go after me. Are they doing the real justice or are they just on the punishing expedition walking all over me. Disregarding the fact that the administration of George W. Bush enabled them this favor, nothing has changed since the time of Slobodan Milosevic. One of his main associates Tomislav Nikolic is the new president of Serbia and his next in line, Ivica Dacic, is the new Prime Minister of Serbia. It is obvious to me that I am the Serbian political prisoner and what they want to do is make me their personal victim, same thing as their friend and political cohort Vojislav Seselj is now being to the West, imprisoned for basically nothing as they tell here openly. They want to victimize and punish me no matter what and it is for just being a victim of their regime and the American betrayal. I BELIEVE THAT THESE TWO, DACIC AND NIKOLIC, WHEN THEY HAD GOTTEN HOLD OF POWER AND INFLUENCE SOME YEARS AGO WHISPERED LIKE GEORGE BUSH SR. TO THEIR ATTACK DOGS IN THE GOV'T SECTOR: "READ MY LIPS GO GET HIM!!!" I AM NOTHING ELSE BUT THEIR POLITICAL PRISONER SINCE 1990s!!! TO THEM AND TO MILOSEVIC FRIENDS, FAMILY AND SUPPORTERS, IT IS ALL SYMBOLIC AND PERSONAL! SOMEBODY TOOK THEIR THRONE AWAY FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS AND NOW WHEN THEY ARE BACK THEY NEED TO FIND SOME VICTIM TO SPILL THEIR RAGE ON. My freedom that I am able to write what I am writing on this blog is nothing else but the Fools Gold, it works for them more than it does for me. On the top of that, Ivica Dacic has been American guest on those American President breakfast tables numerous times as there is more to it than just a state affair. I have also been betrayed by the main Serbian traitor by the name of Vuk Draskovic, also the U. S. Presidential breakfast invitee. It appears to me they are blood hungry for all the trouble I had since they forced - extradited  me to Serbia! Those now in power and their cohorts from nine-ten years ago were always able to and did request my extradition.
Hence my respect for the Serbs and Serbian nation is zero, but they are still doing harm to my ability to see places by trying to keep me under constant pressure and  arraigning me with criminal charges in  the process. I'd like all freedom loving people on earth to remember me and give the heck of the time to the Serbs whenever they come across one, except to those few that would have been all right with me. Don't believe the mass murderer Breivick who is idolizing Serbs and Serbia esp. those that are going after me.


 "A nation...cannot survive treason from within...the traitor ...wears the face of his victims,...and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared......." Cicero, 42 B.C.E.

Thanks be to George W's administration which also
implies George W. personally, today again = on 30th of June 2012 as I wass going to the store to buy some milk I was attacked again by the group of progovernment
hooligans from the upper levels of the building at Vojvode Stepe 139-141 in Belgrade, Serbia which is a highrise occupied by military families since Milosevic times. This new goverment is pronationalistic and supported by USA and they promote violence and hooliganism and the Norwegian killer Breivick supports them.
I must say that I was never attacked successfully by one Serbian only.
They always attacked me in groups or packs of at least two.
Today there were approximately 15 /fifteen/ drunk young skinhead hooligans that smoke pot and
they were all naked above the waist as I was passing by somebody from them yelled NOOOOOOOOOOOO Don't do it!!!
and they did what they did probably were shooting at me with slingshots
and screaming for joy on their part was unbelievable. They probably hit me as I cannot feel the instant pain. I feel tremendous pain as I am writing this on my back right now.
Serbs are unseen cowards. They will only do stuff behind your backs and if there are many. It is all compliments of George W Bush and
His Company. Just minutes after this incident as I entered the store
as soon as he saw me one Serbian undercover cop went after me
into the store whistling etc following me around without any explainable reason,
but just to bother me, it was all unprovoked stalking to put it lightly. Instead of chasing the skinhead hooligans, local police provokes and harasses alleged national traitors for years - labeled by the government - me, being the only one around here.
So stupidity, aggression, violence, ugly dead ends, it is all in the order of the day for me here.


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