Thursday, January 26, 2012


i even heard rumors: that's an arkan in disguise after plastic surgery! i think police wants to kill me for some reason they are after me in cars i can recognize well, black or arctic white grand bmw jeeps or other robust vehicles. i have no idea why, but somebody has been targeting me for something for a long time.

i want to hereby openly say that i never had any associations with any criminal gang,
criminal clans or police or anyone that was ever accused of any crime (anywhere in the world).

police wants to turn me into a scapegoat, they want to involve me into crimes no matter how petty they can be so they can prove what they wanted to prove. i am alone against thousands, police associates are organizing young serbian hoodlums into harassing me everywhere i go, they know this will involve me into some kind of trouble this or that way. at least a fight. basically, i am in state of tremor organized by numerous clans, organizations, mean people in this country.

someone planned it for a long time since they snatched me from the united states who obviously did not care to protect me, and serb police is trying since then to set me up with various things. they were successful with public rumors in portraying me as lunatic, drug addict, thief, paranoid, et cetera. for all i know they are trying to wash their hands off of something over me

yesterday a car passed by with a red beam shooting from the top of a cockpit and driver was targeting my head and i believe it was a laser that burned my eyes.


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