Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I guarantee this:
If any of these Serbian crybabies was put through Hell like I was, they would not even be able to kill themselves by now. I don't know how anyone else would have survived this situation, but I hear comments like
situation #1: Look at him! It's all perfectly clear to me now!!! ( in Slavija MacDonald's as I was passing by the eatery lodge)
situation #2: Passport is not the problem. It's in his head!!! (on the street)
These cowardly motherfuckers dare judge me and in 1999 after only 72 days of American bombing they cried for no more!!! They threw the battle, they threw it, they threw the flag!!! I've been on the road to nowhere for well over nine years - and I an't crying like they did, I am just writing at this blog for the rest of the world to know.

In 2003, I ran into an old school friend and she wondered why was I in a hurry - while obtaining new passport, new driver's license etc as if she knew I was not going to go anywhere from Belgrade for a long time, as if she knew this is going to be my new prison stop. Everyone seemed to know more about me than I did. Naturally, I thought Americans made a big mistake, arresting me and sending me here without explanation, my family stayed there, and I thought I was soon going back to my wife and child. Well, was I wrong indeed?

God is my witness I have behaved myself throughout the last nine years and I had no incidents while Serbians and/or (this is for real, not a paranoid thought) American Secret Service - Serbian department - did everything to cement my destiny and stay in Serbia with massive onslaught of provocations and harassment - but I kept my cool for nine years until they physically attacked me through the hand and deed of a ticket controller in public transportation - I had to react to protect my integrity. Alas, police and public attorney immediately charged me with criminal offense – newspapers wrote about it and it was a massive written lie with different accounts while only me and my witness know the truth.

This very thing was enough for these sobs to achieve what they wanted all along as by inertia I want (won't?) to able to move out from Serbia for the rest of my life - naturally not to America or any Anglo country, I am thinking Hungary, Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Russia, Sweden, Danemark or Netherlands (*I am sure I'd be able to learn another language easily) - the new problem: any immigration procedure involves a question “were you criminally charged”. Criminal charge - for this same reason my enemies were also especially afraid that I do not become a certain free-mason (I heard of them) and attain whatever power to defend myself. I am most likely having a court date coming soon and I was unable to find me a lawyer, that’s how much power I have in this effing country.

City Transportation of Belgrade has employed all sorts of hillbillies, punks and anarchists without any education and with lack of elementary manners. Boris Tadic and his communist-switch coat-democrat clique pronounced these half-witted punks “official persons”. So even though he physically attacked me I was the one charged with criminal offense for attacking an official on duty while protecting my life let alone dignity.

If I have to blame anyone it is the faggot ass Prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic. This country should have been his reign and these communist bastards would not be able to do these things to those they think are anti-them. If this COWARDLY ASSHOLE was a man he would not had allowed these motherfuckers doing what they are doing. In my eyes he is the ultimate traitor of his nation now that he came back, and if these things were not happening to me I would not even realize that. Truth to be told, communists ruled this country following WWII and they are still ruling it, it does not matter what name they picked now.

I guess we are going to go in circles, by all accounts the government has made me its prime enemy number one – from ruining my family and demanding from American authorities to force me back here, and then in not allowing me to adapt myself to the new habitat, I applied for job in over 500 places and not a single one ever invited me to interview except the Japanese Embassy in Belgrade. They finally picked the guy with Israeli military experience while I was second choice in front of all other Serbs – we did some tests – and the Japanese were amazed with my skills. Now, if Japanese were so amazed how come I was unable to find any kind of employment in this country if I was not on some black list. I was able to work for five days as a security guard in some American - Serbian Company until they “found out” something about me. Naturally I have no clue what it was.

Well. I have nothing to lose for speaking out. Two days ago, on January 2nd I ate a slice of pizza at Caribic Pizza on Main Square Slavija - Belgrade. After I wanted a fresher slice just coming out of oven, server - the arrogant blonde - got mad and put something on my pizza which tasted lemony like sanitary or dish-washing liquid. I hope it was not anything harsher. Later I felt pain in my innards front and back and since I know this type of joint can only be owned with mob, political or Shquiptary money – I ‘ve been thinking for a couple of days should I make myself a double trouble and write about it. I am really fed up with being sacrificial lamb in this effing country and I will go all the way. I have decided I will fight anyone that stands on my path of being normal and righteous human being. I want to take back my manhood, rights and honors. I will not be feared into oblivion by any Serbian, American or any other type o' bastard whatsoever.

only God knows how many serbs were picking on me and singling me out for harassment during the 3226 - three thousand two hun dred twenty six days time (and i hope they all will go to hell for that). make it only twice a day - although it happened over 50 times a day and it is anywhere from 6452 to 183882 instances of maltreatment.

I was born in the traditional values middle class family and I can make value out of wind, need be - patent pending.
They got the wrong man to play their exhibitions with.

I am perhaps harder bastard than all of them - all of these commies - together, except that
I am proud and honest. Poisoning people's mind and body is not up my alley.

If my father was riding Christian priests like donkeys in the former Yugoslavia perhaps I would have been allowed to go through
the City of Belgrade undisturbed by young quasi-nationalist hooligans and perhaps I would be in charge of some major television show today.

I have just read on Google: John Paul I was poisoned for he wanted to bring changes to Catholic Church.
As a jest gesture his friend Russian Bishop Nikodim, an avid sportsman btw, mistakenly took Pope's coffee and fell dead at once. Many other Catholic bishops fell too. The reason? Money. Power. Conflicting interests. How come I was uninformed about that until this afternoon:?>

John Paul walked the thin line, and did not make it. My point - if that happened to Pope?!! then how bad is my situation?!!
And that with these communist killers in Serbia that already got their hands bloodied for the next 100 generations. I am talking about the bad karma.
I only want to protect my interests - not the interests of anyone else - and those high up the Serbian ladder do not like it, they want a buffoon -
"the example - punishment intended as a warning to others" to run the smoke up people's asses what could happen to them.
Serbia is mob front IMO.


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