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In order not to attract 5+ additional millions of Serbian haters and enemies - first off - I just want to point out that the following does not imply neither it has an anti-Lausevic sentiment. I do not want more wackos looking like ready to pop the cap into my ass; what they were doing to me up to this point was scary and I bear consequences already. I have too many existential problems like Lausevic too - what could have been different? - to immerse myself into reading his book. I was able to pass through the page four only, I guess, and immediately I noticed one ominous detail - if his myopia is truly -6.5 no wonder he reached for the gun in the bar fight as myself with -2 do not see a damn thing without glasses esp. not in the dark. I just want to protect my own ass like Lausevic or anyone else in the world would protect their own. I am not sure any Serb in their right mind would accept to be sacrificed for Zarko Lausevic or anyone else for that matter. I have read that someone wrote the following on the many forums about this issue: "What's the problem now? Zarko Lausevic killed two guys and escaped to USA, and you are calling on to him to come back, why? Because you are attracted to him... Later you are in awe about the double standards? You all Serbs have them, do not be playing stupid, just read the majority of comments on the article about Lausevic and everything will be clear"
What I do not get in the entire story? Roman Polanski is the famous Polish Jew. That Jews are a bit privileged class in USA is not hyperbolizing
. At least Polanski was sentenced in USA for rape. Spent some 40 days in jail. Ok, but the justice system works. Miladin Kovacevic beats up Brian S. in USA and Serbian Embassy helps him escape to Serbia. Unbelievable. He became media star, a hero to some. At the Embassy, these were the same guys I contacted to complain I was unable to see my child for so many years and they did nothing to help me. Serbian Government is then forced to pay $1000000 ransom regarding Miladin's case. Zarko Lausevic, well-known Serbian actor, gunned down two young men and got a stay in America. There are so many flaws in making things logical there that when thinking about it I come to crazy thoughts that somehow Serbian (ex-Yugoslavian) Embassy took and mix-matched my records and helped some of these guys for money and ruined my life and family in the process. What I assume is they misinformed FBI that I was charged with some murders and that my background was yet unclear or similar lies and somehow they let Zarko or someone else slip through instead of me - I simply cannot explain many things that happened to me including jailtime without a sentence etc. How in the world Zarko was allowed to enter USA in the first place, if Polanski, Charlie Chaplin (expelled from USA), OJ Simpson, and the guy who shot his wife in the Cali restaurant are bigger stars. I want to argue that someone has mistaken my identity on purpose to help someone, not necessarily Lausevic, somehow for a lot of money. Lausevic was allowed to stay in USA after being in immigration prison because his family lives there AND WHAT ABOUT MY FAMILY THEY DESTROYED EXCEPT THAT I DID NOT KILL ANYBODY OR PERHAPS I DID - I JUST HAVE NOT FOUND OUT AS YET - I HAD A FAMILY THERE TOO - SOMETHING STINKS BIG TIME IN USA AND SERBIA JUSTICE IS NOT FOR ALL. Something has been fishy since the day I was arrested and asked to cooperate. To cooperate - like I am the criminal. On the other hand, some Serbs that were completely illegal were telling me that they were arrested by Immigration and then released to roam freely again. Something just does not add up here. by that logic, any fool can become U.S. government's informant by agreeing "to cooperate" upon arrest - if i only realized that. to me "to cooperate" was the same as admitting unknown guilt. I am not crying for USA - truth to be told, why - is that justice what happened to me or JM Bromgard and others? I am crying for the quality of my life in the family surrounding which I do not have and will probably not have for any time soon. It's been nine years since then

As of recently since I had posted here the stuff I had to (take off my chest, at least).

There reacted those Serbs - I reckon charismatic Jovo Kapicic (93) and Co., and those that truly own this country - the stonewall communists, their kiss and kin and other parties in power that claim the title on freedom of speech and freedom of thinking in Serbia sending off red alert signals to everyone in the process. Those that do not want to do any kind of business with me had let me up a long time ago. And without them without the 51% of Serbian population I am talking just the basic finances; I have not bought anything bigger than the pair of shoes or fountain pen since I came here in 2003!!!!! A good example of an analogue situation today is in the following headline - Turkey recalls Paris envoy after lawmakers back genocide bill.

Did I deserve that? If you think this is impossible just take into account the fact that I have not seen my child for nine years and that my ex-both common law and legally married wife remarried. Who in the world is not allowed to see or speak to his child?! And if I was any child molester with history of family problems would not the newspapers somewhere write about it. Would not I be known as such at least in places I lived? I am talking this is the Real American conspiracy. No, I loved my child and my wife and someone in the U.S. took everything I ever had and besides my family I had a lot of material possessions that probably 90% of American society does not have. People that truly know me here in Serbia know this is the truth. My knowledge and in-born, in-bred (taken in from my second father and mother) feeling make me the master of creating values. Someone just needs to read the private collection add I ran in Davenport's Art Price and Reference Guide in those years.

In 2002, American officials broke into our family home and offered me a racquet to cooperate with the Government of United States and I declined because I did not want to speak of anything I knew nothing about. And that was the end of a story, I was then sent to prison without ever seeing any Judge (!) or lawyers, and from there to Serbia. Do not know why - except that they wanted to get my stuff destroying my family as the collateral damage. If they offered a fair trial I would have beat them down to their sorry legal socks – in America Justice is Blind indeed for the unluckiest like me. I did not carry the light, perhaps it was my problem.

Well I have seen a movie about the Montana man, Jimmy Ray Bromgard, who was wrongfully sentenced to 40 years for raping a young girl. He spent 15 years. I wept as I watched how he had to learn to fight in order to stay alive inside the prison environment. Rapists are known to get beat up on every occasion. So in order to gain some respect he had to break the major inmate figures to pieces. I totally assumed myself into his story. His fight is over and I do not know if mine will ever be. "They just lock you up. They don't rehabilitate you," Bromgard testified. That is the situation for me in Serbia – the Country Named Prison. "You learn a lot of new tricks, I'd tell them 'good luck,' - If he knows how to fight, he might survive. But when he gets out, he'll be worse, and a lot of people come out worse," Bromgard said and I cannot agree more with that. I do not even know what is my bad – I might think – the treason as I refused to participate in 1990s wars as they were. So now even the 17-18 old indoctrinated young bucks are coming at me like they are going to force me to lick the spit on the ground beneath them. I mean the situation for me here is impossible; I have begun feeling like the maggot not a human being. And they also play hot and cold game easing the things up for a few days when they see that I wrote something here, and out of blue they come up with something new. When I came home yesterday my bollocks hurt as if I was hit with plastic bullets, I do not recall that anyone hit me, except that I was dodging some drunken gypsies on Kalenic Market who were kicking the stuff around me with axe shaft etc. and I thought their looks meant trouble. The best that comes to mind is that one of them hit me somehow. But I do not recall a direct hit, except that it hurts like it esp. when I press a certain frontal point mildly. I mean it is impossible for me to gain any bit of respect in this country and make of life anything better than pure survival. I guess someone (the commies? or those that pull the strings) did not allow me to form a new family here. Now they also want to take my bread. The bread and the basics. For goodness sake I am left to fight like a gladiator to earn my reputation and that - on the street : that is my future in Serbia. Look what they have taken away from me…..!!! quote me if you experience any form of deprivation of human rights. By the same token, I quoted Jimmy Ray Bromgard because he is the only man on the planet that truly can understand how I feel!!!! But in my mind Bromgard was very, very lucky man, in this regard, pls remember where I will be in 10-20 years down the road as I do not see any sunny personal prospects – and check if I was for real. Thanks.

When it seems and feels as suicide each time I have to exit the house - let me ask you what sort of life is it? Having to put up with these Serbian monsters on daily basis. On the other hand, lure of the United States could be compared with question to young girl: "would you sleep with tom cruise or keith richards knowing he or he has a full blown AIDS?" Or to myself: "Here, would you go to United States if we guarantee you that your life would be fully and unrepairably ruined?"

The trick of the system's mechanism is not telling the girl about the illness. In my case, I did not know what I was involving myself into by deciding to go there.

I went to United States not knowing they play dirty there most of the time. I did not know one can get unharmed only if wearing light or by being bad to the bone - insensitive to society's influences. Since I am not a criminal I always wanted to hear what the people had to say and directed myself upon their feedback. Unfortunately, I picked all of the American vibes - the good and the bad, but more bad than good and I was harmed all the way. And my concept of freedom is nothing new. In other words I do not see what is the way out for me. What Kingdom I shall bow to? They are not allowing me anything anymore. Read the title again and turn off the lights. FINALLY, AM I REALLY THAT BAD THAT EVEN HARDENED CRIMINALS UNDOUBTEDLY CAN ENJOY BENEFITS OF THE SOCIETY AND I CANNOT - IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT IS PERFECT OR NOT, FAIR OR UNFAIR. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS MY FAULT?! AFTER ROBBING ME OF EVERYTHING, IS THE ABILITY TO PUT DOWN A LINE OR TWO A FLAW, DANGER OR A PROBLEM ON MY PATH THAT LEADS TO NOWHERE. I LOST PURPOSE THAT'S FOR SURE. SOMEONE OR SOMETHING HAS TO STAND BEHIND THAT PURPOSE. WHEN YOU LOSE TRUST IN PEOPLE THERE IS NOTHING TO GAIN, NOTHING TO FIGHT FOR. IN REALITY I AM DOING TIME IN THE AMERICAN WOEBEGONE JAIL CALLED SERBIA Nazalost neko zverski prati sta se desava. U naucne svrhe!!! They need my reaction to write case studies...


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