Friday, December 16, 2011


In former Yugoslavia anticommunist and nationalist Serbs were always the victims of the regime even though many “innocent” Serbs were put to death as well. One of the main tricks of Tito’s Government was to force Serbs to terrorize Serbs. At Goli Otok concentration camp Serbian brothers were forced to beat, spit, torture, and fuck each other, prisoners were forced to torture other political inmates psychologically and physically to stay alive. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME IN BELGRADE. THE INVISIBLE HAND OF THOSE CAMOUFLAGED COMMUNISTS -

according to them when speaking privately every devout Christian is evil mad-man

- AND THEIR CHILDREN THAT NOW RULE SERBIA HAVE MANAGED TO ORGANIZE SERBS TO TORTURE ME IN ALMOST THE SAME FASHION AS THEY TORTURED SERBS AT GOLI OTOK. This what you are going to see on the enclosed video (THE SOUND IS AWFUL SO POSTING OF THE VIDEO - BELOW - LOST THE POINT COMPLETELY) and photo – man made noise - is only 0.0001% of the terror that regularly happens to me on daily basis, and the man-made noise is the least bothering thing. Besides, she looks like the next door neighbor and almost spoils the concept that I will ever have to sleep with any other girl in my life; besides, she also appears relaxed, cool, as if she does not give a damn, I bet she'd be licking an ice cream in one hand while slashing my throat with another. I am pretty sure that anyone that allows himself/herself to thus enjoy in torturing anyone psychologically can also torture that same person physically – the pain incurred is almost the same. I am afraid that Serbs have no limits in what they can do to me. I mean people coming back from Goli Otok were literally dying after few months upon arrival. I am afraid that Serbs can poison my food because to me there is no difference in what this girl in tramway is doing nonstop for 15 minutes while I was riding aboard (this is not an isolated case – man made noise happens nonstop) and - physical torture. To me it is the same. If she was serving to me like this evening when I was having a pancake at “ZVRK” Pancake Shop on Vojvode Stepe Blvd., I am sure she would have slipped some bleach along with sugar into the pancake's dressing. As I am having back pains right now, thinking about how low people here are ready to go in torturing me (this video and photo were recorded today on December 16th, 2011) I was asking myself if the girl that works at Zvrk poisoned my food (mixing sugar and poisons and she indeed put a lot of sugar like she wanted to conceal something) as she tried to double price me on the meal as well - which lit the red lamp to me but only after I greedily ate the fucking thing - I guess I was hungry but is it justified reason to die in this country? This entire situation is entirely rocking my existential concept of life, dignity and human freedoms. I believe that my freedom is very limited, if any. The way Serbs are behaving I am afraid that here or there something will happen to me and I will die. I know that everything that is happening to me has its roots in America. I virtually had no justified paranoia problems pre-September 11th, pre-Bush administration election and pre-my unexplained arrest and thus implied stigma. What is the true reason I am not sure, but I know that the fear and terror are for real. I have no doubts about that. I have kidney pains as I write this and impaired vision and I just cannot believe that the girl did anything wrong - but being trustful can cost me my life around here. So even if she put some bleach or whatever into my pancake it will damage my kidneys for good but I won’t go to hospital to check myself tonight because I have lost faith in the system and people completely. I basically do not trust anyone. I feel like a prisoner on Goli Otok island. My immediate uncle died several months after spending 2 years there in 1950s, and I know this stuff is for real. Entirely innocent and very young he was the victim of jealousy and finger pointing. This is the system. The Machine. I know these people will terrorize me because someone told them to do so. And the Serbs will do it. Serbian political prisoners, anticommunists and innocent Serbs were the only prisoners there. The only Croats that were prisoners at Goli Otok other than Serbs were Croatian and Muslim Ustashi (Ustashas' Movement) who were promised redemption if they were terrorizing and organizing Serbs against Serbs through posing as Goli Otok political prisoners. There were virtually no other nationalities like Slovenes. Today there is a restaurant called OZNA in Belgrade ( it is the name of secret police that arrested and triage-tortured Serbs before sending them to Goli Otok where they were tortured 24 hours a day) I am pretty sure that if I went to OZNA or any other place owned by the "Children of the Communist Revolution" (: they pretty much own the media, universities, big businesses, big capital, etc.; and what they say goes, their people are in charge and in charge of thoughts, too:) I would have been poisoned just for the rap sheet that is currently revealed on me. So I do not go out much, but there is no way of knowing where – it could happen. The girl in the photo does not look like a terrorist to me, but she really is. So just by looks I cannot be singling people out. When I have exhausting pains like now then it is too late. A mechanic friend told me when the red lamp goes off, then it is too late to repair vehicles. It is the same with the pain – when you have to write something like this, and when you have kidney pains then it is too late to do anything. As far as the human liberties are concerned Serbia and USA are the last countries where I would like to be. However, I am forced to be here. Although with American influence around the world I do not think anywhere else would have been much different. Same rap sheet, same shit every day – waiting for some Jack Rubenstein or Jill Ruby out there to end my life as I am coward to end it myself. Other than instructing these Serbian people that they can do anything they want with me like slipping a poison into my drinks and food, I hope these governments (Serbia and United States of America) just wanted to project a shame on me, although the only thing I have been feeling for a long time was only the martyrdom.

GE dear Friends - it boggles my mind when esotherians use their knowledge and/or light to hurt others like I feel I have been hurt very badly. For example, tonight /Dec. 18th/ I can feel detrimental vibes in a low range which is not more than 1000 sq m. Not only in this regard, my reality is not what I intended it to be. Secondly, in Croatia, for example, people tend to develop a fraternal love for each other while in Serbia they promote separation and hatred. I hate to say it, if I was born in another country I would have been worthwhile more to the society. Even though they have their sacrificial scapegoats like certain guy named Mamic. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Here, I cannot fight to change anything, the things are so bad. To grasp me, my idea of life and purpose is not necessarily a family but a union/ a common law union. Whoever broke my family apart, whether it was Jovo Kapicic and the unknown secret government police-type institution under his control or over-budgeted US agency that got on my ass being an accomplished foreigner under suspicion - they did not cause me pains when they kicked me out of country and returned me to Serbia -- now I know that was a good thing for me not to live there anymore -- nor they accomplished a breakdown when they relieved me of all of my property ("which was a very democratic and liberal act" - afaic, it's pure anarchy) but because they ruined my family. Now they should leave me the fuck alone and mind their own crooked business. etc, etc. etc |/ .


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