Friday, December 09, 2011


There are some actors called Schwartzenneger and Clint Eastwood whose looks - they say - kill. Well, you should see those serbs that hate me in belgrade, serbia!!! EUREKA!!! I think I have found why they hate me - they need an explanation for the mess they are in! They were not admitted into the EU and someone needs to take in the blame. Somehow they figured - the reason or part thereof was me - if they only had the magical wand to make me disappear but that does not mean that all the hate, spitting and other menacing acts would stop - they'd only intensify... I do not even think anyone stands behind everything, it must be just ignorance, stupidity and primal instincts.
I used to write this stuff on my Facebook blog but then had to separate church from the state explaining all of my troubles only hereby now. Now I need the help of the Big Brother.


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