Saturday, December 03, 2011


As I was going for some protein chow in MacDonald's on Terazije, around 18:40 PM today (December 3rd, 2011), several large groups of students from province (approx total of 40) stood in front of it and as soon as they saw me they started hastily conspiring and unfortunately I decided to go right through them instead of swinging around. Even though I rushed through, I felt enormous wave of negative energy and I assume a few of them tried to kick me, one perhaps did. A month ago when about the similar thing happened in Novi Sad they shot at me with plastic bullets.

The types of:

I write about what is happening to me and people think that I am joking. I thought until now that my only problems would be the lack of confidence and staying in there to fight those that ignore me openly (with respect to jobs, existence, etc). If they prevail with their lies it is my end. Instead, I have bigger problems and issues to think about of having to devise ways to protect my life in Serbia against the terror of its great unwashed masses.

As I was coming home I bought a weekly magazine and got National Geographic FBI dvd as a gift with it. After watching the material, I have to state it seems impossible that FBI devised this what is going on with me in Serbia. It appears as if some force stays behind it - nevertheless. It is impossible that this people hates me so much without a real reason. Many of these Serbs do not allow me to continue with my life as I am walking ten steps behind every half decent man I know. Belgrade is practically one big village and I am like the lightning firefly in it. I am seen almost everywhere I go. It was not so in Philadelphia. There I was seen only in about 10% of the city at all times. But I had a posse there, my family was my posse. In Belgrade, lI AM like the giant billboard that overlaps the city - I am therefore prevented from constituting a posse, apparently I cannot have a go at it as I am disconnected with the "favorable" hoi polloi, if any. I am too fast for any Serb woman to catch me passing by. And I just cannot pay for sex, it is not that I am cheap, but I do not even know where, how much, or how to do that! Belgrade is pretty much like the New York City. Every time I went there I had comings on the most unusual places. I wonder will I ever be able to meet that someone special in Belgrade except on the tv screen? Rumors go places, and I am never gonna be that jitterbug. Next thing I know - How can I trust them after everything? I can only DREAM (enhancing dreamlike effects with the Serbian smelly beer in my left hand). Plus I would not be surprised if they were told that I love dudes. Rano se to davalo ...


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