Saturday, March 11, 2017


I probably won’t be utilizing Serbian public transportation in Belgrade again without wearing a surgical mask. it is the only way to avoid contamination from semiasbestos particles as drivers are continuing to intentionally burn brakes – speeding and then braking like crazy without a good reason – when I am aboard. It happened today and it happens almost every day. Ive been in so many situations like these that I am scared for my well being.
Wonder what would happen if I – turn the tables and start calling serbs traitors? Cause many here betrayed me. I did not do anything to anyone of them and they do not allow me to continue on with my life. What a bunch of God-damned bastards some of them are. I understand the guy who was after my property, who works for the secret agencies and who wanted to tag me in order to mess up my life and I understand jealousy on the part of the vast number of Serbian population especially when they see me with few more grocery bags than they would like. But I do not understand what I need to do now. I am on the verge of telling my child not to come to Serbia to visit me – for I will never go back to the states again in this lifetime – cos I do not feel safe in Serbia and when I do not feel safe I do not want anyone whom I respect to see me in this limelight – where everything they could witness is someone spitting at me, snarling at me, me looking around for aggressive individuals, me spotting anomalies in human behavior which sometimes takes all my attention away, etc. where they could be endangered as well. This is the sole reason I am not looking for the soul mate cause serbs do not allow it by their actions. I am isolated and isolating myself for fear of endangering those that may be my life partners. it is not the question anymore of being a patriot in this country – it is an issue of surviving the Serbian betrayal - this scum that does not allow me to continue on with my life.


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