Friday, February 10, 2017


as some serbs are walking towards me they are piercing me with their looks while keeping both fists clutched with obviously something in them. as much as I am supposed to guess these objects could be lighters or lasers. they want me to believe they are the latter. as they are passing by they are pointing these objects in their fists diagonally towards me as if to make me think that these lasers will soon blind me. this appears to be their original intention. soon afterwards sometimes I feel tingling around my eyes, an uneasy feeling, which makes me think what it really was. could I have done something to protect myself?? most of these serbs are against serbia joining the EU, they would like to go with Putin. Do they think Putin is crazy? His daughter LIVES in the EU. He would have been the first one to condemn them. 

it is always something, if they stopped coughing and kicking they will be and they are finding new ways to bother and disturb - for example by whistling, pushing and shoving as i was standing in line with some of them today in the meat shop and waiting for the bank to open to pay for something. it's been thirteen years under psychological fire in serbia. 


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