Saturday, February 18, 2017

another dimension of serbia

these motherfuckers that for thirteen years did not allow me to continue on with my life were most likely promised green cards by the united states to continue on with their quest hunt and harassment, it goes day by day. the real problem is they owe me millions for ruined lives and they do not want to pay for it and this Serbian traitorous scum is helping them out covering their tracks and nesting all their dirt done upon me under the carpet. birds of feather flock together - i wish if thousands of serbs finally got their green cards and over-flooded the US. talking bout rolling kettles and found lids. 

they must be dreaming of ravaging my body as they are raping my mind on daily basis. after what was done to me by these bastards there is not such a person or such a miracle cure that can get me going!


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