Thursday, February 02, 2017



serbs that are vicious want their fifteen minutes of fame - over my dead body

it seems that I am the magnet for aggressive and vicious serbs. In this country everybody knows everything about me and by definition I am a star but the star that they are allowed to attack, provoke and terrorize.

february 2nd 2017, this is a follow up on recent Serbian intimidation and attacks: another guy mimicking gnarling wolf attacks today as I was sitting in overcrowded streetcar no. 10 around 17:30 hrs. first off I heard a loud banging above my head as someone was banging on handrails pretty hard. I looked above at one guy next to me and the banging stopped. i thought: 'wrong guy' as he did not try to interact with me. this motherfucker that i later learned was the problem was standing a step behind so I could not see him right away and as I was trying to exit I felt a piercing stab in my buttocks which I did not pay much attention to. then as I stood outside to let the streetcar go away I saw him in the window trying to impress me (communicate with me rather) with facial impression of the snarling wolf - this dumb fuck'smouth was opened with teeth exposed as he sat in the seat where I was sitting moments ago. this jerk's impression had nothing on the taxi guy who performed gnarling wolf the day before yesterday but the fact is - serbian persecution of me became endemic. i cannot believe he is the part of organized network of these attacks, that he was actually sent by someone but everything is possible. but then I started thinking why and who was banging hard on the handrails. was another guy trying to warn me that this motherfucker was holding a power laser above and pointed into my head from a close proximity all that time - and that by holding both handrail and laser pointed into the back of my head (one feet distance) with his right hand that burned everything inside my brain? – i do have an awkard feeling in the back and on the top of my head now as if my brain has been cooked (it is lasting into the second day.) (this in the brackets is my follow up three days later and it still feels as if my brain was cooked. who could have imagined that some serb would sneak up on you and burn your head with laser in public transportation.) and did son of a bitch try to kick me in the testicles while I was exiting as they also hurt? it was obvious he had read my previous post about JSO and tried to copycat and improve on the stated by mixing it in with the physical attack. he was doing stuff right there behind me which i could not detect and see until it was too late. and the guy that was banging knows what happened, so there is at least one witness.
aggressive and vicious serbs (there is a number of them) come to me too close for comfort. i am the magnet. i pretty much think they are not liberals but very much far right individuals. I think by terrorizing me and sticking to me they want their fifteen minutes of fame within the serbian community and at least their friends. the only way they can break in into this society and get some respect is by doing harm. they ride on my back and the world allows it. that is why I am angry with the world. I think the can of worms has been opened and the system did it - the system allows it to happen and the system owes me some IOUs – not kidding. i cannot believe that this serbian irrelevant snowflake actually melted my brain. as if a toddler pulled the trigger and killed a cop.

following the murder of dada vujasinovic it is obvious that any criticism of Serbian society will earn you death penalty. as I was walking my dog down vitanovacka street Belgrade today on February 3rd 2017, around 18:40 hrs, on the corner of vitanovacka and gostivarska streets I came upon two vehicles pretending to belong to some painting company. they were filled with materials but to me it was obvious that they were only posing, waiting there as the part of ambush / stake. as we came closer two “workers” were in charge of creating commotion on the street to take away our attention from the remaining two who had sprayed something goddamn awful in the air in our path so I had a few breaths of that poison whatever it was - it choked my chest and gave me an awful burning feeling in the throat. i m writing this on february 3rd 2017 at 19:02 hrs and still coughing dry cough that cannot be stopped. their supervisor could have been in the jeep vehicle parked across the street with headlights on. I could see the way they were looking at me – their hatred was on the level where it was same to them whether I lived or died, and they probably had a couple of breaths of that too. they were the expendables who it appears had no clue what they were actually doing, they were doing what they were told to do.


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